What am I doing with my life?

Did not enjoy (cummed twice, once off cam – I was in bed – the 2nd time on cam, on the floor) ~ looking at my face as I came on cam I first giggled, then I said to myself: FUCK! They won’t understand what they wanted to understand this time either. From my journal: What am I doing with my life?


~ Hello. I am still baffled (I can’t believe my eyes like ~) about what I’ve seen lately in the ‘Media’ around me in RE: to ‘dogs’ & all. After all this time and many traumatizing masturbation experiences, despite the mutual conclusion that Zolology is Death, I still don’t get all the fuss about dogs, Wrong.

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Heard some guys trying to imply that they don’t have enough “data” yet (through / for analysis). That’s Wrong & who taught them so is wrong as well. launched

Hello, this is the first post on; All posts until this point I initially put on my blog (until now to be) which is: mmmylittlecorner.blogspot.comI learned how to ‘bring them here’ from a guide from the guys over at ~ Still feel a bit unfamiliarized with WP (I stayed away from wp for launched