WTF. proof of nothing worth mentioning no why do? No know. Poze vechi cu mine Imi plac nu imi plac nu conteaza; daca iti plac nu ma intereseaza, daca nu, la fel. *each picture holds a special place in my heart* For I… blabla. Goddess Inspiring red A mask I loved Hmmm O da. bla

I just want to DO something.

PODCAST: Deci? Orgasm: oribil, absolut degradant. Shows in my MFC club: Join for free with this voucher (if it’s been used, you can e-mail me for one if you’d like) ~ Din jurnal: 02.02.21. Sunt la Biserica. De cum am iesit din bloc, caini. Ciudat. Azi nici macar aici nu e liniste. Greu sa “meditez”. I just want to DO something.

Pierd timpul

Reading the titles of my Youtube videos: 👇 Pierd timpul… #GoddessAzra #talking !do not miss! 👇 ~ If that ‘bird’ teaches you wrong and then nobody wants to hear your “song” but you can’t afford to STOP because you gave your all to learn that very thing, and now it’s your ‘Mission’ , dear Antithesis man, Pierd timpul

First 2020 Snow

Din jurnal:  30.11.20 Wow. Dear Journal, you -almost- lasted 2 months! Now I should be’ needin’ 2 be on the lookout for a new of you. Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha Drumuri azi, sper sa am o ses ok mai incolo, ma simt cam ciudat si la fel ca in ultimele zile. Ninge! Can’t remember last time we had First 2020 Snow

What’s the price of words?

Lights that flicker and lights that seem to flicker, or…Is it so? Hmmm.. THere’s something about Lines and Lights that I didn’t understand enough of yet. Petko’s paw! Strategically placed cat hairs ~ What could that possibly mean? ^^ Photograph of a bling thing from an item I saw in the mall.. Never tried this What’s the price of words?


I don’t want to post here/ on social media for a while. Everything hurts, everything I do is in vain and it hurts too much. I have nothing else to say. Please see index. Thank you!

De pain pour thought

I am the Correct one. Also, The Original One. Also, In a world of Gods & Goddesses, I am THE Goddess. Do you know what that means? I still don’t 🙂


I don’t want to “produce” anyth in this World [copy]. Ass? As soon as something “starts” making sense, again and again, we’re not allowed to “Be”/interact in a good way (-).

What am I doing with my life?

Did not enjoy (cummed twice, once off cam – I was in bed – the 2nd time on cam, on the floor) ~ looking at my face as I came on cam I first giggled, then I said to myself: FUCK! They won’t understand what they wanted to understand this time either. From my journal: What am I doing with my life?