Targeted individual

Camera 102

 #Orgasm, Masturbation & more… In podcast form:   Dropouts: on podcast I recorded full masturbation session. Videos ~ there are 2. Something happened and stoped shooting, had to make more disk space to continue recording. You can easily see that if you can read the podcast 😛  ~Please no more{make space} shit here anymore, TY.~ Camera 102

I’m confused.

 Another day when I feel like everything I do is in vain, just food for Egregores (that I don’t believe in). I’m sad, trying to figure out how to talk to you while understanding what the f is happening with the reality ‘around’ me. • • • Eye sees. I cried. Critical situation indeed. To I’m confused.

Random thoughts maybe and more

 🤖  ^ Me when I have to get an orgasm while masturbating. Blink, blink, I see the same things, over and over. ~ About how I like to use social media. I like to post on social media according to how I feel like doing it, man, not according to any lil algo rythm. I Random thoughts maybe and more


Latest orgasm video: Latest Podcast: I’m not here to be the most algorythmically correct thing that communicates. I don’t want to be that.  That is bad.  It’s humans vs. non-humans.  I am not against non-humans.  Words will never be enough to express this, neither numbers.   I try to communicate as I am, and it’s all Latelies

Stuff. Framboise. Is it really a video? But…It’s my life! How can I learn & really grow past my programming? Circuits-trends? (Someone suggested singular, circuit as valid here, hmm, thanks.) •-• _ _ | | —-•      | | |     |              •—-<  As soon as I DO Stuff.

Flash … it’s just an image

Hello! Video: Podcast: Me & others, forced to imagine against our true will. What day? …6 (circled) . Doesn’t matter anyway. 4 Years I haven’t wirtten a full page, yet almost 2 full journals now (rect-tangled) . Degeaba. EVerything (underlined) I do is in vain. A Lie / Feeds the lie & nothing more ( Flash … it’s just an image


Humiliation, humiliation, humiliation. None is honest seeker, except those that don’t really talk. It hurts a lot, please don’t misunderstand this. I feel as if Honest Seekers are not allowed to see me/reach me/ talk to me.  ~ 28. Jun – A friend told me that getting my period is somehow similar to getting an Untitled