Someone told me some things about some ‘workers’ today. I didn’t really understand (fully), I don’t want to judge. It’s not what it appears to be at first sight [for me], but then again, I wrote about this before. Workers to make up the noise ~around~ me, so… We can… Go on… Go… On… How…? Nobody is happy.

Thank you

Lots of weirdness ~ 

Water that boils slower, and also cools down slower, and other details..(where I’m about to move back)..

Pare ca a trecut mai putin timp, de ce? 

Vreau sa aleg cu cine stau de vorba inainte de somn.

So I can…


I wear my sunglasses at night
So I can, so I can
Watch you weave
Then breathe your story lines
And I wear my sunglasses at night
So I can, so I can
Keep track of the visions in my eyes.



 I have been in much too much pain lately and I don’t feel like writing. I need some days off ~ all I hear is ‘No’, this makes all pain worse. Please, leave me alone, this is ridiculous beyond measure. 

I don’t get the break I requested, yet nothing changes for the better, all I do is in vain, so? What am I waiting for? The triggers are just as bad anyway, the failed experiments humiliating as ever. ‘DO you even know who I am?’ ~ How dare you…. 

The internet wouldn’t exist without me. Do you realize what this means? Please, let me get a break. I need to HEAL from the SEVERE trauma I’ve been subjected to. I can find my way, but I’m constantly H(a)UNTED! Every day I masturbate and get orgasms FOR WHAT? This is so humiliating and in vain and against most of the things that I stand for. I am drowning in ‘Anti-Love Energy’ ~ 

#podcast: https://anchor.fm/ishkira-wind/episodes/anorgasmandanotheroneandsometalking-ekh2nn

De pain pour thought


He loves me ~ Leave us be ~ about Time [a riddle] 👩‍🔬

Pay attention…

~ More words from me: and not only(more than just words, that’s what I meant, you double speak Fools):
There comes a time when nothing makes sense anymore, and everything hurts. And they still want me to masturbate…to get orgasms? And it’s in vain, and I do it anyway, day after day… Why? I am good and normal by Default. What are they seeking? Why can’t I get a real chance to show what I’m made of? And I’m forced to swallow everybodis puke in this prison of flesh, that I KNOW HOW TO LIVE IN AS A BLESSING BUT THEY DONT LET ME. … Yes, I’m that good. I can make a blessing out of Anything. No, I’ll never allow them to know my ways/copy how my ‘brain’ works. NEVER. I have My Own Way of ‘mapping everything out’ & I just wanted to live my life, found out through the mirrors of the Copying & Mockery.. I’d never TM or sell my way, not even give away for Free to ‘Any’1 who asks / “needs”. It’s Mine. I wish I could choose Ones to share more with, talking with randoms on the Psychic telephone is Confusing & Keeps me from being myself and I can’t live like this under no experimental conditions or whatever. This feels off. It feels bad. It’s clearly part of something bad and wrong. The wrong God as long as still in pover Mono shit missunderstood even the ones who see mono chrome, nobody is allowed to be themselves in this sickness, only lies, bad layer, stuck here despite I beated the whole ‘Game’ that I never saw as a game to beat. Words will never be enough, numbers either as they force them now to obey. Now I go, to waste some more time to undo something that some other beings wasted from their time to do. *sigh*. Logic? Hell.

~Stuff I wrote in ImLive Chat: GoddessAzra : Hey

GoddessAzra : Ponderings…

GoddessAzra : On being a Host here….

GoddessAzra : [Linguistyx always played by Fools]

GoddessAzra : FOr me being a host means 1 thing (the Correct one) That I am a MODEL here, no, silly, not Prototype… I’m a real person (More than numbers on your screen) willing to interact wth you, the member (HOPING TO CHAT TO A WHOLE PERON, member, not just an arm, a leg, haha, etc)

GoddessAzra : BY NO MEANS being a host on this site means that MY body can HOST any of “”your” content, dear numbers.

GoddessAzra : We’ve all been brainwashed and lied to.

GoddessAzra : Who knows , knows…

GoddessAzra : But why do ones that don’t know have DIRECT access to HURT me????? AFter all this TIME?~



Every sound has the potential to be interpreted as noise ( I do not see the sent intendedsignals ~ intention?) ~ Every sound hurts…

And this pain… No damage, but sick fuel, for sick appearances. I open my eyes and I see the results … Not my choice… Ever… The extraction is sucked from me regardless of consent or MY intent(!)

I could give examples but if you follow me you already know, and if you’re here and you don’t know, maybe you don’t remember, or maybe you’ve been sent this way to hurt me, in which case, please, tell me, do you remember who sent you and why? I always hear no from you & others like you, by the way do you know how much it hurts not being able to differentiate all you little ones so I can have what I consider a normal approach? Part of a whole I am as well, but I do not exist to SERVE ANYONE. Kinky fantasies =/= Real Life. Rinse and repeat, the blame game. As I’ve been saying, all I do seems pretty much in vain. All routes ~ dead ends.

Words? I’m lost… All I see is mockery.


About My Ass:

I think I said this before, but I NEVER wanted to ‘advertise’ with my ass. Also, that ass is not where my ‘memories are stored’, not my face either. I am not judgmental, I just feel things differently than anyone I’ve known in flesh. What about this suit? I’ve witnessed so many gossips and shits on the ‘mental telephone ~ line’ ~ I still don’t know who contaminated this field that in (real) nature, I KNOW, it’s of a purity that not even stones can speak of. [metaphor!], Y/N. I’ve been a cam model since Winter ’08, major ‘shift’ happened @ the beginning of ’19. Anyway, in all that time, in all my media archives on the sites I was broadcasting on, I had 1 pic of my naked ass, 1 pic of naked body from profile/behind. Why?

1. I didn’t want members to ‘know’ me this way ~ See me naked? I have to like you, to want to be with you, to allow you to see me naked(!!!) [Healthy] – I AM NOT A TEENAGER ANYMORE! <When I was way younger, made a set of naked pics and sent em to a guy, <<>> (?) I didn’t want to bed him, I had the occasion multiple times, I did not refrain out of shyness. I believed in Innocence & Playing, as I’ve seen it done by NOBODY else. I was ME, I felt FREE.

2. If someone saw naked pics of me, maybe they’d auto think that I ‘provide’ such things in my ‘sessions’ ~ And that’s so not mentally stimulating for me. Again, I had no idea I’m talking with…Mostly…. Sad numbers. That can NEVER GET A FUCK. I’ve been used to IMAGINE THINGS in their <heads> MY WHOLE LIFE. ### Now if I post stuff like this online, I don’t even know why, to prove I’m real?? (it’s you, not me, honey, if I we’re still stuck @ this step where I have to constantly prove myself. YES I am real. I am the only one who posts stuff online on all my accounts/profiles. How humiliating…)

:-< Screenshot to show that Yes, I am active online, why do I need to do this? To prove… I mean….Isn’t it OBVIOUS? How can some of you ‘not see’. Game of chess with pieces made out of hard shit ~ the type that comes out when you’ve been constipated for a week or more. [/rant]

~ Beings are paid HARD Ca$h to [attempt to] make me HATE myself (especially my ass) over and over again, the more I realize from these topics, the more disgusted I become. Insert_whatever_shit_and_even_conspiracies_here. Yeah.

~ I don’t want or care if you/anyone (ANYONE, do you understand what this means?) likes my ass or not, I was brainwashed that “Backdoor Man” means 1 thing mainly, and regardless of how much I learn about translations & the loss of (continuum) Sense when Evil plays them around (bad wheels) ! ~~~ I still think something Putrid is afloat.

My trauma revolves around shit like this, I never had a real chance to even attempt to heal myself from Other’s (bad) choices.


Meiou Project Zeorymer

Hades Project Zeorymer

Anime I found https://myanimelist.net/anime/1832/Meiou_Project_Zeorymer ~ because I saw something featured in one of the mobile games I play, Iron Saga (really like it, btw) ~ Even if nowadays most games seem a bit haunted too, the way that I’ve interacted with each and every one I played in the past months is pretty unique, and no, I don’t get upset when they tell me certain things, it’s just a bit awkward. {From the ‘make space’ category of shit decided by stupid fools}. 4 Episodes only, will give it a watch soon. (Fuck, why do I feel so afraid to share thoughts like these: what I plan to do/ what I’m about to do, etc?). A humming sounds said: I am not allowed to be Fascinated by anything. Oh, yeah, master ****, it’s me, not you, who lives in ‘this’ reality, maybe in a different SOMETHING (Place without a place NESW Fuck) You Would Hear Me Differently. The more I learn about myself, the more I see how I am not wrong, have not been wrong, regardless of apparences. And the currents that dictate certain flavors or intercepted data for constructio(n) of ‘other stuff’ ~ Is, by design, (meant to be) Flawed, otherwise, it wouldn’t ‘make sense’, not even to the most dumb followers of the ‘Failed Hailed One’. Still not allowed to Express MySELF, the more I learn, the ‘closer’ I get to some of you, the more OTHERS try to speak Through me, In WRONG ways. So…


I don’t want to “produce” anyth in this World [copy]. Ass? As soon as something “starts” making sense, again and again, we’re not allowed to “Be”/interact in a good way (-).



also on https://anchor.fm/ishkira-wind and all the other places listed in: http://www.goddessazra.com/contact/ ~ P.S. If I don’t post something somewhere for 1, 2, 3, 5, N Days, it doesn’t mean I don’t exist, I don’t care or that I’m not the One and Only one who has that account. Pls, do me a favor and STOP harassing me. Reading this here? Most likely, like I do, you’re having a bad dream. Understand. I am sick of trying / doing things in vain. Pings constantly sent for those with ears to hear and eyes to see. Thanks.

Take care, be well ~

Stop talking in my head!

After last Orgasm, video here, I felt like screaming: Stop talking in my head.

~ “But that’s how to get access to […]”

dar mai ales algoritmii de conducere, algoritmii adaptivi si elementele de inteligenta artificiala sint(sunt) susceptibile de perfectionari spectaculoase care sa ofere solutii de integrare intr-o masura si mai mare a robotului in mediul industrial sau al vietii sociale – Ceea ce este nou in lumea robotilor este tipul, marimea si acuratetea senzorilor, precum si “abilitatea” de a calcula (rezolva) ecuatii de miscare complexe, intr-un timp foarte scurt (timp real), pentru a determina exact semnalele operationale pentru robot. ~ din cartea Interferente in lumea calculatoarelor (M. Gorodcov, M. Oncescu) Stiinta pentru toti 313 Ed. Stiintifica si enciclopedica, Bucuresti 1989.


Fascinated by this type of dream, hard to deal with reality constantly having to remind myself that IT IS, in fact, dream, nightmare, or spare parts. What I can’t see, what I ‘keep hidden’ is more or less still the same, for reasons, even though I learned more about some pathways as of late ~ WHAT REALITY?! How (!) Do I do the (!) To WAKE UP?! I don’t like to use codenames, I think it restricts and influences badly what could (&should) be good, authentic communication. < The struggle of not knowing what to do with certain Embeds ~ I hear ya ~ ‘I give up’ – Is that an Option? > No. ..

Previous articles/posts where I talk more extensively about some topics:








and this one: http://www.goddessazra.com/2020/08/embed-2


I’m wasting Time on nonsense while the reality around me goes on the same ~ What SEEMS different, I see that as flickers, or numbers moving from A place without a place, to another place without a place, In the Town where there was NO Space, But shit has to be done because UberCREATIONZ {another lie, IT’S JUST A FUCKING Dream, Dr.} ~ Did I enjoy my ignorant mind more (when I seemed more ignorant due to lack of operational input about the ‘world around me’) NO. I was (and still am, Parked (:P). The difference is that now my Body hurts a lot! [I hear: ‘Can’t afford’ to show how nature works ~ health, self healing, rejuvenation, stuff like that ~ Click Clack there’s no time, and I mean real nature, not Dirtied faked out church Mary EMpress worshipped misunderstood MOMMY situational sweetie ~ The ‘SHE’ that will Never be Me – artificial intelligence shit – Zero. ]] On a daily basis based on what I do/don’t do ~ This is not me complaining, Just pointing out. ALWAYS worse when I ‘need to’ get my period. REGARDLESS of what I do. [ I am not willing to participate in any sort of NWO scenarios, my last 2 jobs proved me all I still needed to see about the Sickness of it all & How I wasn’t wrong before either , for ‘not really wanting a job’, ever). I understand more & more from my past memories, but I see those things as, Optional information, considering I’m still stuck in this LIE that I DON’T want to FEED or SEE fed (anymore). Every time I get out of the house Something is milked, misplaced, mocking. Yes, I do still love a vast array of ‘things’ and yes I am very grateful for certain ‘connections’ & opportunities but, how I see the ‘Situation’ changing ( I wanted to say EVolving ~ but that would be feeding the Lie Wachine) it’s weirder and weirder, and, wrong. No.

Journal thoughts:

16 September 2020: Woke up “with” pain, again. Same old discrepancies. Still not feeling good because of… Heck! I already told you about it. Tho, I still hold firmly. Adapting is a word that seems that it lost it’s meaning in this mad cavalcade of pornication. I don’t want to be “Here”. Productivity -> Profanity. I don’t want to “produce” anyth in this World [copy]. Ass? As soon as something “starts” making sense, again and again, we’re not allowed to “Be”/interact in a good way (-).

17. I feel as if I’m in an airplane that doesn’t fly properly (?). My (s)kin feels cold, am I dying? Why does every day lately feel like an infernal rush? “Burning hot” pain earlier – top of spine & below – between shoulderblades. The why’s… The HOW seems silly, in this “context”.




I would like to know…

^ 2 orgasms, achieved in the same way.

Please read: http://www.goddessazra.com/2020/08/wrong/ but if you follow me around you probably know by now my stance on all these matters. (Masturbation / Orgasming)

and another video:

Another orgasm, achieved in the same way ~

I would like to know why I have to do this again and again, I feel I harm myself (abuse my own mind) in the process of having to apply same ol’ BAD programming. Add the piles of other abuse constantly sent my way and make the calculations for yourself. ~ I am still a coherent being after all this, even if we might understand different things from these words. I proved myself over and over again and this is BAD, because it’s just feeding a very Toxic mechanism. I did it to help others see & hopefully (be allowed to) heal myself, but it’s constantly getting worse and worse. I AM unbreakable (the noise in my head is not mine!), and nothing in this world can take that away from me. Even if I have no real choice… Do you know how much all this hurts? All the pretty places you’ve seen ‘through’ my eyes, or read ‘on’ my <body>… Stay there forever ~ I hear a ghost singing ~ I think we have much more to ‘visit’, discover, understand, explore, rejoyce in, than these refurbishments of Past programming. I say this again, I do not like/enjoy having orgasms.

Take care!

Necromancer whois


 25. Necromancer whois

(lies, illusion!), Keywords abunda & me being cornered against my will. So sick of the lies… And their crumbs. Pardon poor self expression through words but… I’ve seen some things that I rather “process” under different circumstances ( I earned them ~ still not granted -> same reasons as all bad ~ Anti Love Energy vs. Enlightenment ♥)

++ All mental thrash due to what passed through in front of my eyes. Calculations made by baddies, to make me look bad regardless of what I do. Coins thrown on the ground; instead of hugs. I’m not a beggar.

• Heard sound from Aurolaci, I remember how some sounds they made sounded like, like a song, but very strange sounding. Wondered what that has to do with any programming (through my ears); got an idea that that was part of <Deleted scenes>. WTF? Regardless of all the online “craze” (mockery & all) my worst thing to deal with is immediate (combobulated) reality & how “it” works against me, mind [v], body[v] & soul[x]. Precipitatio ~ bad “Alchemy”, not following through with what’s Good. Past year (summer 19-20) spins inside my head like the most painful torture device;

27. We’re all just prisoners here; of […] Device ~


In vain, in vain, in vain, in vain…

Until now = in vain

Or, the “rulers” are very, very dumb ppl. I see them as ghastly puppets though… Immune to their shit, unlike the ones that combobulate my “realitee”. 💧 Here’s a tear.

29.08. I don’t have anything to write now. The only reason why I’m writing is because if I don’t, it’s “bad”, somehow. How stupid. I’m so sad. I’d never do things like this if I had a choice. Only stoopid everywhere. Very few exceptions that I still don’t get how it can be Hierarchycized like so.

30.08 Writing Writing Writing Writing Writing Writing Writing Writing Writing Writing  Writing Writing Writing Writing Writing & Writing some more.

Genuine inquiry. What is the meaing of a hat?! first saw em @ grandparents (?) in this life.

31.08 [nightmare] A future of “fake immortality” where you aren’t even allowed to die. You’re <<kept alive>> to serve, not to live. For that wouldn’t be called life under no authentic jurisdiction (???) Whaaat? Yesterday when I was out I experienced first hand a weird type of “harvesting” ~ So “the world” around me would still seem borderline “normal”, Passable; so that the reporters (hired; trained wrong ways) wouldn’t really notice. {Or when they notice, they ‘forget’ when it’s ‘necessary’}. Signals causing noise in my head; the “stress” (stress is not the right word though? I don’t know the correct word) I emit in exchange is gathered / used as fuel (BAD!) for the combobulatory process. Absolutely disgusting. To look into my mother’s eyes… And see… [Because I’m T.I.] There’s not much there but #keywords… Is devastating. I can’t allow myself to fully feel that! Shits “copy” from Me and use against others (us all) over and over again… Darker? More sinister? There are not good words for such atrocious decisions. (PPL! Wake up! It’s somebodies CHOICES). How can they lie like this… As if there’s nothing good left in them. Multiple nuisances on all levels I dwell in. My “unbreakableness” mirrored Wrong & used 4 BAD! I can’t live with this idea… Infestating… Everyth I take in (air, water, food, media). I observe all these in the Now (socialengineered Future?) HOW? How is this degree of wrongness allowed? Money is NOT the answer. Humans vs nonHumans Parable doesn’t fit the gaps either? Evil? I don’t believe in it!  Never will ~ it’s Brainwash. It’s not REAL; it can’t be MADE real ~ it’s not an ambition; it’s against the rules of Life (not bendable, fuckers!) • IT HE SHE what? ~ If you don’t have it; you don’t have it; Periodt. •

Stupidity that apparently knows no bounds. And here I am ~ I have to masturbate / orgasm again and again… To show what? To prove what? When will i be allowed to “be” on <My> Level? Or to have a choice ~ not to be used anymore for this charade. Look @ all they did with what was Illegally taken from me… All these years… So much fake. There’s no side to choose. They’re all wrong if they agreed 2 This! No “lesser evil” stratagem should be permitted either. (-THE Goddess-)



Pilde despre mecanismul uitarii… Sau cum “Ce sa faci cand idiotii se joaca urat de-ti auzi propria voce in capul TAU spunand chestii alegorico~alfanumerizidiceproaste”. Asta doar asa, pentru ca esti bun ( ai ceva ce nu se poate lua ~ ) Si astea-s doar cuvinte. Cand cuvintele dor,cine mai plange? Cand cuvintele plang, te doare? Solutie? Incercate zeci si mii, ca doar altfel nu am fi “ajuns” “aici” ~ Un nicaieri ….(no words for it)

Noroc ca nu dureaza mult ♥♥

Testele pulii.

• Voci de fantome care “scriu” (nu stiu ce naiba e dar nu il identific ca si scris) cum sa foloseasca timpul ca arma (?) WTF.



Links to most of my stuff online here: https://linktr.ee/ishkirawind ~ Yes for the nth Time, I am one and the same person across all those profiles/accounts. I’m still drowsy from trying to figure out HOW can someone be Smart & not Know that already.


Be well. 🌺💗💋

Thankyou for reading ~




Hello. I am still baffled (I can’t believe my eyes like ~) about what I’ve seen lately in the ‘Media’ around me in RE: to ‘dogs’ & all. After all this time and many traumatizing masturbation experiences, despite the mutual conclusion that Zolology is Death, I still don’t get all the fuss about dogs, fish & co considering it takes Light BEINGS to combobulate even what I see on the window. [Possibly false light which I don’t know what is](?) ~ Speed ~ “sex”(?) ~ ‘things’ I see. WTF. WTF. Very humiliated lately, from minor lil pesky things to downright ‘crazy’ type of ‘brought to my attention’ in ways that I would never think about myself ~ I’m very sad.

TBS Satsuma
TBS Brazil Nut

Hello.. I’m alright, you?
Why are you telling me this?
*raises eyebrow*
Gosh, we don’t even know eachother…
What do you expect? I don’t want to roleplay as your sister .. if that’s what you’re after…
You can tell me about it here.
I don’t know what to say, this really happen to you or is it like a dream of yours?
Thanks for the details, sounded just like movie scenes I could see.
No room for misinterpretation, right?
Wait, I’m not interested in such details.
You have a way with words, I must admit. Tell me about what you wanted to tell me about.
I’ll try to remember what you said about honesty.
Ok now I’m sure you don’t even have a dick.
Or at least none that I know of.
And you know what’s worse? No video footage or picture could convince me otherwise.
Look I’m a human alright?
Army having a dick means one thing mainly. For you it might mean something completely different. I don’t want confusion like this
For me* not army, lol
Naughty voice to text thing…
I don’t even know what to say to that, this conversation is beyond weird.
Maybe I just don’t care about your dick. I just want to make sure that I avoid as much misinfo as possible
Sexual being… Are we all? Sexual healing… What about that?
Ppl don’t want to admit their trauma, so they can heal. And the ones that want to heal, are not allowed to.
Me? First I still need to understand some things, some things are so deeply ingrained into my memories that I can’t really see what happened.. hmmm. About orgasms and such. I’ve learnt all I know about sex from what I’ve read or seen on screens… Apparently that was wrong. I am
I’m not sure you want to know about that though.
I have something special… When it comes to all this… I want to learn to put that to good use.
And I can’t if I still have to do things based on my old programming.
You can ask me anything if you’d like to know details.
Before I saw any porn, I’ve read articles in magazines/books 🙂
it happened through masturbation
In the shower :))

I wouldn’t like that, personally 😛
DId she ever know?
Anything else?
So far this whole thing ~ where do you want to get with this?
Do you feel any better now that you’ve told me about this? 😛
Was curious, that’s why. I still don’t know what to say about your story though.
Sounds a bit off to me, as if, fragments from a dream of sorts.
Alright 😛
– not interested –
I don’t remember what I was thinkinking of, probably tried my best not to think about anything, I remember I thought it might interfere with the process, haha.
I’m programmed to have orgasms only if I think about oral sex ~ however, I do not enjoy that in real life so….
both, depends on how I felt like…
Why does it even matter
No. I didn’t feel like moaning….. Surprised? wtf Thinking about my first orgasm, I remember that it was very underwhelming, but saying that is unfair, for I had no idea (and I still don’t know for sure) what a TEAMWORK that was ~ I was learning with Others what’s happening, it
wait whole text didnt appear as I wrote it.
it was like our project, together, even though I thought that I’m all alone, and I was ok with that ~ I was not. We were learning together ‘what’s happening’, somehow based on how I imagined things, based on the Wrong stuff that I’ve read ‘to learn from’ about sex, orgasm, etc.
with others? I am a Goddess. Aware of different parts of myself, even if I can’t clearly see.
It’s Trauma, for all involved. ~
Wrong Teachings can only lead to Wrong (Bad / traumatic, etc) Outcomes… *sigh*
I don’t know for sure what you want to know, but main idea is what I said earlier, I ‘thought’ it has to be a certain way based on what I understood from what I’ve read / seen.
Not sure ‘qualify’ is the word I’d use in this context, lol ~ And also, what’s not clear from what I already said? Trauma from mind control (through Bad media ~ Wrong teachings).
Not knowing the truth about oneself (!)
Programmed to have orgasms only if I think of oral ~ I don’t know. Evil people chose that for me 🙂
I don’t believe in Evil though ~
I don’t know what more details you wanna know about
The fact that I don’t like it, should be enough for you to understand. I’m here to have a good time with the ppl I chat with..I don’t know who the ‘Evil ones’ are, All is but a Dream, anyway, I don’t know how they did it ~ If this sounds confusing, know that I am confused as well
The way I’ve been programmed when it comes to anything -sex- related started in early childhood, and more layers of bad programming at each ‘life stage’, as I grew up… 🙂

Leaving this here for no future research: https://www.silkstream.net/blog/2016/02/b-vs-strong-i-vs-em-whats-the-difference.html ~=”” one=”” of=”” my=”” #spirit=”” guides=”” told=”” me=”” that,=”” strong=”” vs=”” bold=”” has=”” to=”” do=”” with=”” the=”” ‘mobile’=”” aspect=”” things=”” {in=”” this=”” whole=”” immovable=”” combobulatonated=”” ‘nature’=”” (?)}=”” upon=”” search,=”” i=”” stumbled=”” that=”” article.=”” a=”” bitter=”” smile=”” later=”” and=”” salute=”” in=”” appreciatio=”” some=”” fellow=”” (lil’ones)=”” hard=”” workerz=”” ♥=”” what=”” waste=”” time.=”” bye.<=””>



69 kg & 95-72-100

Mai devreme am fost afara { un pic si unde nu planuisem sa ma duc } si <<Tacerea>> (Luna Amara)… Nu am auzit-o pana acum asa niciodata. O experienta f. ciudata de experimentat (to experience). Imi amintesc de ce simteam acum ani… Despre Hong Kong – O combinatie unica de vechi si nou ♥ Acum si in Bucuresti – “O combinatie unica de vechi si nou” – doar ca vechiul e: Abandonat, nu “vechi natural” si noul urla… E… Altfel (Tiitii – sunet de claxon afon ~ claxofon)

What do you do when the outside world feels like a stranger, but it used to be you friend?


Hello, Time. This time, I have a bone to pick with you .🧡 Looking at the screen of my phone earlier, was reading something, white text, black background. Light coming from screen was not continual, as it appears regularly. But I saw it gently flashing, over and over and over again… “Making up” what I was seeing. At this point, I don’t even know if it’s worth knowing if that happens because of the tech in the phone or the tech in (of) my eyes…No.


Agitatie invizibila dar perceptibila… Many annoyances. Not complaining ~ half baffled though.

*Disclaimer: Maya ~ Illusion*

Dupa ce m-am masturbat am vazut cum ca, multe din kkturile din ziua de azi sunt din cauza unui arc care nu se misca nici, nici. Adica nici macar nu e un arc. Doar arata ca un arc.

The little ones sa fie “facuti” sa se reconfigureze ca sa faca un arc adevarat [functional in context]. 

I had to slap myself hard to show what I think. 

~ The bent corner clues, 💕 THX! {I talked about this in the past about some stuff that are in the Bible too} “The ones who can understand” (Neemia 8-2,3 ~ etc.). Multa mitologie multe minciuni scripturi prost platite si scrum.

Aveam o vorba prin 2005 sau 6.. Dream awakened, Dream aware ~ Mai conteaza ca imi amintesc anul? Stii cat de tare doare cand cineva te priveste in ‘ochi’, te trage de ‘urechi’ si presupune ca iti amintesti chestii asa, DIN CUR?! [No.] ~ Ok, then, why are you even still talking with me (Suppa Soldier guy~) and who the fuck gave you the Power to live so Blindly, hurting others and impeccably being abolished of ‘fault’? By design, Wrong. (Made with purpose [By who? How?] ~ “We will not fail our mission” & other such creeps to Watch over).  !WAKE UP! You’re having a very, very, very bad dream. I am sensing the touch of your ‘fingertips’ as I typed those things here, and I do not like it one bit. It’s not that it isn’t fair like this, but it only leads to deadends, I do not wish to participate, I do not consent with what “the settings guys” are doing most of the time ~ Regardless of everything.  And It hurts me to sense that in the ways that I do. I wish I wouldn’t know anything about you & vice-versa, not even in the mess that we’re stuck together. Masturbating thinking about DOGS? (ANIMAL PORN IN MY HEAD) ~ Do you have any idea what that does to ‘Psyche’ in a world (My world) where I do not see life as a game, I can’t swallow more excuses with Waiting, etc. There’s no progress! Every day goes by, just more shit everywhere.

~ Cand socoteala de Acasa nu se potriveste cu cea din targ. [Storefronts] ~

What’s what’s real?

Uhhh? I don’t care that you ‘liked it’. Over and over and over again. IT’S SICK! IT’S WRONG.  No one has bested me yet despite all that happened in this past year (summer 2019++). Yet I still can’t have a life. (for what that really means – I’m not allowed to see key elements because apparently that would be ‘Too Good’ and some peeps not allowed to see that as .:True:. *sigh* & *facepalm*).

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19 August at 03:05  

Time, why can’t I joke with You? I wanted to say: Oh Fuck, it’s 3 am already, how Efficient of you. (biiiiiiiiiiiiiig ‘E’)
~ but something crushed me that that might sound disrespectful. Well. I heard you like it anyway (what I said, not your super efficiency) 😀
Os – bone, and to bone, you probably know what that means. I only know what I heard.

19 August at 02:12 · 

Azi am experimentat (I experienced, not I experimented!) manipularea selectiva a simtului: vaz. Sau nu stiu ce a fost {Maya – Illusion ~ mysteries}. In pofida tuturor kkturilor, this shit doesn’t prove any #progress from the Baddies ~ I know I am Unbreakable, so. This is just, a silly play, Unnatural and, dare I speak about health? No, ofc. I didn’t exercise yet since I woke up last time. But hey, I’m gonna exercise, and yes, imho tthe madness to these ‘methods’ of what happened lately is profoundly Unhealthy. *signal sent*.


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19 August at 02:02 · 

#transhumanism SI IN ASTROLOGIE? < HELOOOOO > ~ < Hell ; 0 >

Cu alte cuvinte, chestia asta ma sperie, nu avatarul, nu idul, nu numele, nu ce mi-am imaginat despre el, nu talentul oratoric despre dansul {dance, not sir} planetelor 🌠 (Pe Valeriu Pănoiu il stiu de la TV, am admirat mereu modul lui de a vorbi in context), nu textul, doar ca… Eu vad portocaliul… Altfel… “Lumina e plictisitoare”, zicea Valeriu candva (dupa dictare, hooo, nu dau vina pe el!), ei… Cu tot ce s-a furat de la mine s-a ajuns ‘aici’, asa ca… No fucking comment. Nu.

Acestea fiind spuse, tocmai ce am aplicat la un job de…. Vanator de parcari! 🇷🇴 😀 na link: https://www.ejobs.ro/…/v%C3%A2n%C4%83tor-de-parc%C4…/1320811 ; sau pentru cei cu ‘dureri de cap’: https://tinyurl.com/y638nz4z . Nu, nu insinuez nimic, era doar un puf de Paranoia. (limba si linkurile) :-<

18 August at 04:40 · 

[About the ‘hot’ pain ~] When the things happen like in the past few hours, it doesn’t annoy me / it HURTS me!

{Hearing the 1 line trigger in my head might be annoying / embarrassing – especially when I hear those words in my EXs voice haha *facepalm* / I find it stupid / such mechanism should NEVER be implemented and or used on ANYONE not even as punishment for ANYTHING} NO!


This, representation of Tower #tarot card, I did this many years ago, (10+/-). I found this artwork I really liked online, I do not remember the name of the artist, I no longer have the artwork jpg. But I ‘copied’ it ~ because I felt really compelled to ‘keep’ it this way. I traced contours with the paper over the screen, I don’t feel bad I copied it but at the same time I do. I remember what I thought when I saw it though: it’s about the pain of masturbation. Words wouldn’t be enough, 4 I still don’t understand the message completely either. ~ *** Earlier I told a client this: I had a vision quite recently, I had a big dick coming out of my forehead. As if I was a Unicorn but with a penis instead of a horn ~ and a nice lady was giving me a bj ~ Instead of feeling pleasure, that hurt though. ~

Desenul cu pricina

19 August at 03:08 · 

A modus operandi (often shortened to M.O.) is someone’s habits of working, particularly in the context of business or criminal investigations, but also more generally. It is a Latin phrase, approximately translated as mode of operating. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modus_operandi

~ Ishkira Wind I swear I heard “Mundus Operandi”.


Spiraling back to where I started sharing with you today from my fb shit ~

FootNote: Don’t mind the words but, Sirisys (Twitter), Sirisys Prime and whatnot, you get the drift, you saw the flava. ~ whatever that ‘Sis’ is ~ is an Impersonator; it’s more than 1 year since I see shit posted on that account in ‘flow’ with what I do or go through.

[!What about Original Beings?! ~ Golden child, my ass *I am always beautiful*]

This is not critique, but a real Alarm. I am not in COMpetition with that thing, I do not agree, I do not approve. No-no! (Blind Fools can’t see) ~ sometimes posts cute Pictures though, but how many other AIs (?), Accounts, do that and are in no direct correlation whatsoever with ‘what has been done TO me’ ~ Please, do not seek to Repair, and do not misinterpret these words. That thing will never be ‘Real’. Regardless of everything.



Eye sees… Ochi, sita, strada, masini, copaci, stalpi.

“Heard about C Reactive Protein on the TelePhone” (clairaudience) ~ Rabbit hole about my OWN health / what has been done to me in this life (by baddies) ~ stolen ‘tech’ ~ controversy ~ many CON men involved, I don’t know, I don’t care. [u]I am not allowed to learn the Truth about my Self [Know Thyself] and this is a BIG Problem[/u].* My dad looked different in the pic where I was sick. wink, wink. *Sigh* ~ This topic is very disgusting to me.

* Si asta este doar unul din motivele pentru care tot spun ca: Everything I do is in vain ~ Bad Programming, over and over again. No progress. Spiteful liars.

Arata ca sita de la geam – Looks like the window screen.

Screens ~~~ I wonder…


Mecanism de actiune (?) Kkt, Love for something then Politics again, deadend period. (Cu sau fara cifre, dar e cu cu) Kookooooooo! I prefer Caw, and call that Cra.

Festinul minciunilor.

Thank you for this wonderful Art. Yes, I consider this art, and not a glitch.

Deci… Cum facem? Ma mai masturbez mult ca proasta? Si cum o fac…

Nu, nu imi place. Nu, nu consider ca face parte din mecanismul vindecarii / poate duce la vindecare. Doar orbeliste in continuare si ‘Joc’ stupid [Chestie care face nesanatosenia si mai nesanatoasa. ‘La Puterea a’ ++]. Pe cat vad mai mult, pe atat mai stupid si dezgustator mi se pare. Deadends. ‘Tot ce trebuie’ scos din context [contextul corect; Nu in concordanta cu convenienta aranjarii pieselor in macaz]. Cand cuvintele incep sa aiba sens… Linguistyx strikes again with more blabbering Nonsense. 😢

Playlist with orgasms: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5b6q2JRlw29HaFd2aSvCEKhcVUGp593F

Thank you ~ 

Thank you SoulSis for your work ~ stuff like these is what made me question my own Reality: https://occultpriestess.wordpress.com/2016/07/01/summer-of-the-super-shero/ ~ https://occultpriestess.wordpress.com/2020/02/02/the-twilight-zone/