Nothing else.

Latest podcast: Din jurnal: Pain and humiliation. Nothing else. I just want to wake up from this nightmare. Nobody is genuine… html? Intentions… Get lost in the fog… All of them… Can’t believe my life is as is now, I hear excuses for everything, NOTHING is done, and I can’t even have ONE! f n Nothing else.


Enjoy… ENJOI… OI!!!


*wink*. … … You forgot.

Weird headachE

I heard the lyrics as: ‘Crucify my heart’ ~ instead of ourselves/myself.

tell me where he is

26.09 What words to select for Pile of poop? Monsters, monsters,everywhere ~ I don’t know how you see them <as if they have a form, they “spook” you, but they don’t have a form, so…> How is it when caught in (?) Are we being experimented upon, or do we Play (with) experiments of our tell me where he is

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Live… In a Nightmare (as it’s now) … Me & you, you & me, but… It’s somebodies choice… Not mine… not yours… Same shit over and over again, (wrongly used red) ~