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Today Pondering… Kiss Some colouring I did Current shelf “setup” Artsy stuffs  I  v <3 🥺@headache *Ufff* ,

Play with me (🤫,,)

Some pics… Hmm… Interesting beings: A bit of me: Memories from stream fun: Lines: + 🐾💀🌹🕸️👾📎🧿🔉🇷🇴

Am vrut sa scriu o poezie, dar mi-am pierdut cuvintele ntr-un gand Calimara din vis Nipple guardian


Some lyrics from a song I love: Answers – FFXIV “Witness (Feel) Suffer (Think) Borrow (Teach) Reason(Hear) Follow (Feel) Stumble (Think) Wander (Teach) Listen(Blink) Whisper (Blink) Shoulder (Blink) Ponder (Blink) Weather(Hear) Answer (Look) Answer (Think) Answer together” Journal page detail & sketch (Mystical cave entrance)  ~~~ A bit of me: 🖤 #ripkobe Raining with all wtf


-> Trending things: #coronavirus, This meme: Here’s my take on it: . recording ^.  <3 . – Inregistrare facuta cu telefonul in baie, se aude cam tare :S