I have no words anymore.

 ~ When they want me to imagine ~whatever/faces/celebrities/etc~ that’s not love ~ Thats not me experiencing something else {experiencing the BeLovedness through ipostaze ;)} but the BRAINWASH of the False teachers {memories from my past~not my unhealed psyche, idiots} aka bad limited incomplete and plafonat, iluzoriu, degeaba, dead end, zambetele care nu inseamna nici fericire I have no words anymore.

Pictures of me and podcast

 Podcast: https://anchor.fm/ishkira-wind/episodes/CItesc-chesti-epfcp2 In acest podcast citesc povestea “Pasarea gasita” de Fratii Grimm si poezia Celei care pleaca de Ion Minulescu ~ ~ Poze: Paaaa! .

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I will miss this neighborhood from time to time… I took this picture today, on my way back, wondering why in some days that seem ‘key moments’ for something, I see lots of pigeons. I got some hints about these birds, but I don’t know what to believe anymore. It was a weird day. ~ Add title


*wink*. … … You forgot.


I am drowning in ‘Anti-Love Energy’ ~

De pain pour thought

I am the Correct one. Also, The Original One. Also, In a world of Gods & Goddesses, I am THE Goddess. Do you know what that means? I still don’t 🙂


I don’t want to “produce” anyth in this World [copy]. Ass? As soon as something “starts” making sense, again and again, we’re not allowed to “Be”/interact in a good way (-).


Clicky. Also, here: https://youtu.be/N4gfQ79_N3s

Camera 102

 #Orgasm, Masturbation & more… In podcast form:   Dropouts: on podcast I recorded full masturbation session. Videos ~ there are 2. Something happened and stoped shooting, had to make more disk space to continue recording. You can easily see that if you can read the podcast 😛  ~Please no more{make space} shit here anymore, TY.~ Camera 102