Earlier I masturbated/orgasmed again while broadcasting on MyFreeCams and also recorded & uploaded that to my MFC Share profile ~ EXCLUSIVE to MFC ~ link: #GoddessAzra #ishkira #masturbation #orgasm I did not enjoy the experience, but thank you (to some of you) who gave me hints about stuff, however, I do not log on, Stuff

Blog post

19.05.2021 Din jurnal: 18.05. Early am. Slept weird/woke up feeling weird. Thinking about my sadness & how it’s mostly because of {spiral} about masturbating/orgasms (4work & not only – all abt this subject/topic). I don’t like anything about this… Keywords… Faces… Ways… Any… Missing me like this is almost like not knowing me, so you Blog post

Thank you for the ‘winks’ ~


WTF. proof of nothing worth mentioning no why do? No know. Poze vechi cu mine Imi plac nu imi plac nu conteaza; daca iti plac nu ma intereseaza, daca nu, la fel. *each picture holds a special place in my heart* For I… blabla. Goddess Inspiring red A mask I loved Hmmm O da. bla

Dream fragments and pictures

Din jurnal:  Ce vreau eu nu e in lumea asta 05.02   (aproape sa scriu 03-lol). Sleep paralysis experience. Simt ca am dormit mai mult de 2 ore. ~ Eram in sect. 2, era noapte, ieseam din bloc (?) nu stiu unde ma duceam (la magazin – lol, ar fi trebuit sa fie inchise la ora Dream fragments and pictures

I have no words anymore.

 ~ When they want me to imagine ~whatever/faces/celebrities/etc~ that’s not love ~ Thats not me experiencing something else {experiencing the BeLovedness through ipostaze ;)} but the BRAINWASH of the False teachers {memories from my past~not my unhealed psyche, idiots} aka bad limited incomplete and plafonat, iluzoriu, degeaba, dead end, zambetele care nu inseamna nici fericire I have no words anymore.

Pictures of me and podcast

 Podcast: In acest podcast citesc povestea “Pasarea gasita” de Fratii Grimm si poezia Celei care pleaca de Ion Minulescu ~ ~ Poze: Paaaa! .


Hey.. Link to something I posted on Tiktok with some recent Finds. Am fost pana in Baicului (unde am stat la sfarsitul anului trecut) si am gasit niste chestii. Thanks! Weird choice of things to find! Chose em based on personal criteria. Afraid to use the word HOPE [meanings!] ~ 1st word I saw when Finds


 Why? Someone told me some things about some ‘workers’ today. I didn’t really understand (fully), I don’t want to judge. It’s not what it appears to be at first sight [for me], but then again, I wrote about this before. Workers to make up the noise ~around~ me, so… We can… Go on… Go… On… 🙁