Why? Someone told me some things about some ‘workers’ today. I didn’t really understand (fully), I don’t want to judge. It’s not what it appears to be at first sight [for me], but then again, I wrote about this before. Workers to make up the noise ~around~ me, so… We can… Go on… Go… On… 🙁


  * As scrie niste ganduri mai pe larg dar tot ma fute la cap un Dubios sau mai multi, cum sa stiu, oricum. Multumesc pentru consideratie. Stima! : Cea mai ascutita ♥   Cine ma asculta? Cand totul e degeaba si muzica care imi place nu e libera. ~ free= gratis/liber bani= arta cui? Untitled

Nothing else.

Latest podcast: Din jurnal: Pain and humiliation. Nothing else. I just want to wake up from this nightmare. Nobody is genuine… html? Intentions… Get lost in the fog… All of them… Can’t believe my life is as is now, I hear excuses for everything, NOTHING is done, and I can’t even have ONE! f n Nothing else.

Ce facem noi acum… Nu e nimic de castigat, nimic de pierdut… Cat de stupid poate fi totul, aici unde sunt acum. Nu sunt deloc pesimista, doar trista. Prea repede / prea incet / Deloc.

Whatever title

Amazement? Fear? No. I didn’t mind some sequences of playfulness but… It’s just not right.

A weird day.

Si da, stiu sa tin secrete doar ca e foarte ciudat modul in care facem treburile astea. Pa.


She watched them press buttons mindlessly altering their coordinates to hopefully hit a different note and catch the recording so they can send more food from


Am mai vb. despre asta.