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Nu vreau sa fac sex in grup cu straini.

Si nici cu cunoscuti. Asta nu inseamna ca am eu o problema sau ceva de vindecat. Motivele pentru care inca nu intelegeti sunt aceleasi ca si atunci cand mincinuile erau deghizate un pic altfel, oricum e nimic. Eu nimicul asta nu-l mai suport. Nimic nu mai imi place. Real gratefulness and nothing to do with […]

Ceva special ca al meu n-are nimeni si e inutil sa va vorbesc despre asta.

Airbag – Machines and men. Here they come Marching on One by one They’ll be gone With boots and guns Shouting loud Machines and men They’re heaven sent Here they come Marching on One by one They’ll be gone With boots and guns Shouting loud Machines and men They’re heaven sent I wanna get out I wanna be free So come on […]


Not blaming anyone (t). But. MAYBE, Maybe, shills should stay out of areas of expertise where they are not GOOD for. I am consistent, for a very long time, in various things, with results RERERERERERERERERE that don’t prove anything, because this is not how Life works like. At this point, I’m not sure it’s healthy […]

Hard to understand

Hard t understand. Random interaction. n Pasted text in blue. KEYWORDYNICKNAME static rumbling…. KEYWORDYNICKNAME something is coming  KEYWORDYNICKNAME wow, breathing too KEYWORDYNICKNAME one step from ASMR KEYWORDYNICKNAME chair moving KEYWORDYNICKNAME incoming…? KEYWORDYNICKNAME “wtf” moment KEYWORDYNICKNAME this is actually like…. working with a sonar at a boat KEYWORDYNICKNAME listening carefully for hints KEYWORDYNICKNAME disturbances Nightbot •Lurking? […]