Michel Owner & Founder Canna Bio Swiss din Smardan 28 &/or Crew, or J, or whoever responsible.   Pentru ca mi-am pus chestia asta pe fata (face), chiar este nevoie de atata kkt si minciuni? Ca apoi tot eu sa fiu cea ‘vinovata’? Asta e doar un mic detaliu din cate chestii m-au enervat azi. new


 ~ Podcast: ~ ~ 68 kg 93-69-99 ! Woke up having an orgasm 🙁 ~ in the dream, “mom” told me 2 have one, left the room. I didn’t like it. I was thinking various porny oral scenes* – I DID NOT LIKE – kept saying “I don’t like this”, “No”, etc. Similar 2 how Stuff

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19.05.2021 Din jurnal: 18.05. Early am. Slept weird/woke up feeling weird. Thinking about my sadness & how it’s mostly because of {spiral} about masturbating/orgasms (4work & not only – all abt this subject/topic). I don’t like anything about this… Keywords… Faces… Ways… Any… Missing me like this is almost like not knowing me, so you Blog post


Podcast:—Interferente-in-lumea-calculatoarelor—continuare-et5o09 Da, fiecare zi pentru mine e in continuare un cosmar si nu am nimic bun de facut. Sa cotizezi pentru o iluzie sau alta (impletire de ~ cu minciuni) nu e ceva bun si acest tip de gand e f condamnabiL de catre cei care sunt programati prin scrisul altora sa FACA lucrurile 🙂

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  Mi-a venit deci incercam sa facem copii data viitoare (next time ~ lol)  😉 Ce gluma proasta. Halal! (In Romanian it’s not about food, more like a bad comment about something / woe). ♥ Today’s measurements: 95-69-98 65kg. Pou 🤫

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Din jurnal:  Ce vreau eu nu e in lumea asta 05.02   (aproape sa scriu 03-lol). Sleep paralysis experience. Simt ca am dormit mai mult de 2 ore. ~ Eram in sect. 2, era noapte, ieseam din bloc (?) nu stiu unde ma duceam (la magazin – lol, ar fi trebuit sa fie inchise la ora Dream fragments and pictures


Hey.. Link to something I posted on Tiktok with some recent Finds. Am fost pana in Baicului (unde am stat la sfarsitul anului trecut) si am gasit niste chestii. Thanks! Weird choice of things to find! Chose em based on personal criteria. Afraid to use the word HOPE [meanings!] ~ 1st word I saw when Finds

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  Poze facute azi dimineata din bucatarie. ~~~ Din jurnal:  When the music’s over (x3) Turn out the lights (x3) For the music is your special friend Dance on fire as it intends Music is your only friend Until the end (x3) (The Doors) Fragmente din vis: Eyes closed, could hear smth, like a song, Nu mai vreau