Nu am nimic.

Nu am nimic . Thanks the Wayback Machine. I could talk a lot in spoken or written words about my past experiences as a camgirl, cam model, whatever, but it’s useless 🙂 I used to have a blog for years, didn’t really care about it. A fost doar o tentativa, sa am Nu am nimic.

A tale that wasn’t right

A Tale That Wasn’t Right [Verse 1] Here I stand all alone Have my mind turned to stone Have my heart filled up with ice To avoid its breakin’ twice [Verse 2] Thanks to you, my dear old friend But you can’t help, this is the end Of a tale that wasn’t right I won’t A tale that wasn’t right

Maybe Tomorrow

I’ve been down, and I’m wondering why These little black clouds keep walking aroundWith meWith meIt wastes time, and I’d rather be highThink I’ll walk me outside and buy a rainbow smileBut be freeThey’re all freeSo maybe tomorrowI’ll find my way homeSo maybe tomorrowI’ll find my way homeI look around at a beautiful lifeI’ve been Maybe Tomorrow

Articol nou.

It’s the only way, really? What I’m interested in is still hidden from me. Cheap tricks, annoying to me.  Cut me off from what? I know I’d rather be cut off from this mess that I did not agree with (or to partake in) to begin with, with incomplete data as I had it before.. Articol nou.


WTF. proof of nothing worth mentioning no why do? No know. Poze vechi cu mine Imi plac nu imi plac nu conteaza; daca iti plac nu ma intereseaza, daca nu, la fel. *each picture holds a special place in my heart* For I… blabla. Goddess Inspiring red A mask I loved Hmmm O da. bla

Dream fragments and pictures

Din jurnal:  Ce vreau eu nu e in lumea asta 05.02   (aproape sa scriu 03-lol). Sleep paralysis experience. Simt ca am dormit mai mult de 2 ore. ~ Eram in sect. 2, era noapte, ieseam din bloc (?) nu stiu unde ma duceam (la magazin – lol, ar fi trebuit sa fie inchise la ora Dream fragments and pictures

Ceva special ca al meu n-are nimeni si e inutil sa va vorbesc despre asta.

Airbag – Machines and men. Here they come Marching on One by one They’ll be gone With boots and guns Shouting loud Machines and men They’re heaven sent Here they come Marching on One by one They’ll be gone With boots and guns Shouting loud Machines and men They’re heaven sent I wanna get out I wanna be free So come on Ceva special ca al meu n-are nimeni si e inutil sa va vorbesc despre asta.

Dirty Granny Tails

Time to throw away your burden to ride the broom and never look back to your previous life it’s time to reap the roots of past Go fly above your weakness the sky above is endless look below this world is small could not contain your godly soul Trembling of my heart rippling of my dream distance Dirty Granny Tails


 Why? Someone told me some things about some ‘workers’ today. I didn’t really understand (fully), I don’t want to judge. It’s not what it appears to be at first sight [for me], but then again, I wrote about this before. Workers to make up the noise ~around~ me, so… We can… Go on… Go… On… 🙁

B.D. Energy

*almost 2 minutes to midnight* (?) Posted March, 2020. One of my first takes at showing you how I do the samethingwiththesamething, whatevering & how I reach #ORGASM ~ Not much has changed since then. Hundreds of videos & media pieces through which I tried to reach… Who? < > Not for money, not for B.D. Energy