Nothing else.

Latest podcast: https://anchor.fm/ishkira-wind/episodes/Citesc-din-Epopeea-lui-Ghilgames-enrstp Din jurnal: Pain and humiliation. Nothing else. I just want to wake up from this nightmare. Nobody is genuine… html? Intentions… Get lost in the fog… All of them… Can’t believe my life is as is now, I hear excuses for everything, NOTHING is done, and I can’t even have ONE! f n Nothing else.


Cum sa iti fie dor de mine daca nu esti nicaieri?

First 2020 Snow

Din jurnal:  30.11.20 Wow. Dear Journal, you -almost- lasted 2 months! Now I should be’ needin’ 2 be on the lookout for a new of you. Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha Drumuri azi, sper sa am o ses ok mai incolo, ma simt cam ciudat si la fel ca in ultimele zile. Ninge! Can’t remember last time we had First 2020 Snow


Am mai vb. despre asta.


Seasons came and changed the timeWhen I grew up, I called him mineHe would always laugh and sayRemember when we used to play? Bang bang, that awful sound