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~ If it’s trade, it’s not love! ~

Hello! & Latest videos 👆 ~ Thanks for watching / listening / commenting!  • I really like in the one with EQ2 footage, how my character is apparently typing on an invisible Keyboard. *giggles* I giggled figuratively because quite recently someone whispered me something about Keyboards, but I didn’t get the message completely. However, […]

Latest development in advanced schematics for leaving this planet #idontwanttobehereanymore

18. I’m legal. I danced with a .gif for the first time in my life & more!!! ♥♥♥ • Paste in plain text vs. Paste -> Robots • Time management guy – vulva – food (eating meals/day) • Something about .gif & how I perceive ALL reality (view) ••• • Passwords? squaresymbol ? • Cars (Robots?) […]

Din jurnal…

WHERE IS EVERYBODY? 4.20. ~For the guy that protects me / That I protect~ I came again, uploaded the media(s), daily shit… Felt angry afterwards. Like… What are we even doing in here anymore? What are we? I am “Marti”. What about you? For how long have we known eachother? Sirene si praf de beton […]