Border in a bag or cute drink in wounded girl? Lyrics Eu mi-aş băga Graniţa-n raniţă, ţara în raniţă Şi… gata M-aş stabili Lângă o altă graniţă, le-aş scoate din raniţă Şi… gata I-aş păcăli, că n-ar şti, Că am o ţară în raniţă şi-o graniţă-n raniţă Şi… gata Eu mi-aş băga Viaţa în raniţă Stuff


 * Podcast: Orgasm video (15.07): Orgasm video (de azi): MFC club sale: 28% off till the end of the month. -> ♥ Thank you for supporting me. Don’t talk to strangers Don’t talk to strangers Cause they’re only there To do you harm Don’t write in starlight Cause the words may come out Stuff

cacat Despre masturbare/orgasme. Nu mi-a placut niciodata (nimic) Despre ego death: pentru mine, nu inseamna sa ma gandesc la alte fetze/corpuri/chestii pe care nu le-as face, in timp ce ma masturbez sau nu. [As fi facut mai mult din [colaborativ-sa colaborez,sa nu fie impotriva vointei mele]  sa ma gandesc la alte fetze/corpuri/chestii pe care nu le-as cacat

 Hello! Got response from Youtube: I’m sad about this mostly because of: -> Some stuff I put in video description(some of hundreds uploaded) -> Likes & playlists -> was my 1st & main YT account (nu stiu de ce imi pasa ca il aveam since 2008) !Nu stiu ce implicatii are asupra …What matters 🙁


* View from kitchen window .gifs I made using Me & my cat (Petko) Sirius I will update you about this once I see what happens. [Verse 1] Here I lie In a lost and lonely part of town Held in time In a world of tears I slowly drown Goin’ home I just stuff

nu stiu

-⎽__⎽-⎻⎺⎺⎻-⎽__⎽–⎻⎺⎺⎻–⎽__⎽-⎻⎺⎺⎻-⎽__⎽–⎻⎺⎺⎻- Rune: Perthro Card: The Star • Not feeling too well… (more) noise since yday – I don’t like/ + same thing, nothing to do for real… Same “illusions”/ lies = THE reality + I can’t dream. Pain when I think certain stuff. Like: Don’t tell me what to do. Keywords/execute. It’s been too long nu stiu


I’ll never encourage someone who wants me (thinks it’s ok/necessary for me) to do this sort of stuff:  Excerpt from a show I recorded on 04.17.21 (17th of April, 2021) while performing before a live audience ^^  The full show is available in my MFC album ‘~’  See my profile @  If you join ~

Nu imi place nici de tine.

I wish I could have a wish, not what others (anyone) thinks that should be (don’t wish 4 me). But… I can’t wish anything without knowing, that would be so wrong. To know is not a wish either… A calling… Yes I’m more special than I know/see. ~ Abt feelings (the ones I care about) Nu imi place nici de tine.


Michel Owner & Founder Canna Bio Swiss din Smardan 28 &/or Crew, or J, or whoever responsible.   Pentru ca mi-am pus chestia asta pe fata (face), chiar este nevoie de atata kkt si minciuni? Ca apoi tot eu sa fiu cea ‘vinovata’? Asta e doar un mic detaliu din cate chestii m-au enervat azi. new