About me

Not sure what to leave here.

Not sure why I made this website.

My reality is crumbling before my eyes every day.

Given name: Laura Becut [more details around my name in this post: http://www.goddessazra.com/2020/06/new-blog-post-from-bucharest-romania-does-it-matter-why/] ~ Laura ~ Greek Laurels aka. what the Victor’s crown is made of • (metaphors) • The remembered meanings…

Goddess Azra – Azra name of mysterious origin (Hebrew I think,) But I chose it because it’s like a feminine, short form of Azrael ( The archangel ~ I had many gawthic moods as a teenager, and was fascinated with ‘Death’. Mr. Death, posing as a Lady, conceptual dances, probably inspired by Art and some Invisible friends.)

Ishkira – means ‘Hunting Hawk’ in Persian language. I heard this word after a weird happening when I was approaching 20 years old.

Fire Rabbit (Cat)

Leo Sun

Virgo Moon

Scorpio Rising

If you’d like to know more about me or ask me anything, or whatever… you can e-mail me at:

masqueradomme@yahoo.com | masqueradomme@gmail.com