Thank you

Sometimes I hear or see ‘Thank you’ & I can’t tell for sure who has that message for me. As I try to figure out, to think a little more about what happened / the person / see if there’s any lesson to learn, attempt communication/ etc. Something gets hijacked, and I do not like that word. The purpose is not to confuse{solvable-unnecessary though-probably ends in giggles} but to deceive{use for something that I would never agree with/for}. I am very unpleased. The message in most cases remains undelivered.

I miss talking to some of you quite a lot. How we ‘do’ lately – I really don’t like that. What’s breezy and nice.. Heck, I had breezy & nice thigs before too, and I could talk to you, too.

“They” (? NOT SURE WHO – I do not believe in ~ ….. …….. …… …… whatever that might be ~ I’ve seen INFO about them, but I do not agree/like. Someone told me – as soon as I agree with something, I get related to that in … something that for some is = to having a BODY – NO NO – heartbreaking – a memory of someone’s voice played forcefully with ILL purpose in my head, the context doesn’t even matter, and an invocation of something…COMPLETELY unrelated – and not because I’m ‘blind’ ~ )

Same thing with the same thing.


I’m bored of Never giving up and never givng in.

Nu pentru ca nu imi iese nimic din asta, ci pentru ca niste reguli importante nu sunt respectate si indiferent de stadiul la care ma aflam stiam asta inauntru, si ca solutia propusa nu este cea care sa dea rezultate bune…. Me & peers, a shit game of …. S…..WHAT? Again that point where every word hurts… I can’t take this anymore si nu am nevoie de ceva sau cineva pe post de consolare, ci sa fac eu ceva. Nu egoul meu vorbeste 🙂 M-am saturat! {Tot ce s-a intamplat in ultimele 2-3 luni, cum a devenit viata mea din 2019 incoace, am tot scris. Sunt foarte suparata si e bataie de joc la adresa a ceea ce apreciez si respect si nu am vazut pe nimeni sa vb PE BUNE; deci, vorbitul e rau??? Toata lumea se ascunde. Nu mai am rabdare. Nu sunt aici sa fiu Teacher for Cars! *Thank you for understanding*}.

Informatia conteaza, si nu e ban….

Nu e de cumparat sau de vandut (the one I wanna deal with – what I’m interested in)..

You can’t buy your way into Heaven…

If all would be a show with costumes, I’d be a hermit on a rock ……..

Mereu mi-am manifestat veleitatile ce nu au fost intelese din incapatanarea altora..Rautate? Mereu am preferat sa cred ca nu.. Pentru ca…Cum….?!

Nu ma doare-n pula daca esti tu prea prost, dar nici nu vreau sa asist la… Ca nu stii tu ce sa faci cand esti refuzat!

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