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Made my first T-shirt design on Zazzle
I designed it like this (pic below) but cannot be approved as merch because I don’t own the copyright for the icons that I used.
Some pics, including the one I put on the back of the T-Shirt unedited ~
Did I tell you before I don’t like posting ass pics on the internet and it has nothing to do with the way that my ass looks like? Cock cages aside, grow up!
I didn’t get born to (I’m not here to) post naked or whatever ASS PICS on the internet. I’m not that type of model. Never was and I’m not really supporting anyone by being like this.
I find it stupid to post this because of the odd but this is the unedited pic since the one above is cropped (*unpleased face*)
I paid for taking these pics (with the phone I paid for already~) – by misplacing a Teabag or incorrectly remembering WTF happened there. DON’T GET BUTTHURT!
Pe gard la Biblioteca de care apartin (Filiala George Cosbuc BIBMET)
Why does this number folollow me? I thought it’s in a way rude to talk about this in an incorrect setting. Because of something that might translate as Privacy issues? (I’m not fearful, I’m psychic)
I hear… No.
But to my perception, fluent (authentic) communication is not possible. I don’t know why.
The 72 that follows me is not the peeps I randomly interact with when I talk about past experiences, what I learned and we manage to solve our ‘issues’.
When I’ve looked at certain books or publications (there was not only one – I don’t know why someone would assume such a thing and send it to me as what I intercept as psychic message.)
Pentru ca ‘e relevant’ ca pe oriunde merg sa fie dubiosenii cu ani/date/timp. In romana (romaneste~) Ani e nume de fata, in engleza date e… You know, no?
Mananca – Come ~ Vin ~ Vino (made me @#$%^&%$$#$^%& ~ Cuvantul ala exista (past tense-timpul trecut) in limba italiana inainte sa il citesc eu (dublu sens, fara indicatii clare – ) – deci – Nu inteleg invocatia, …. Ce?? Un bug?! :O Nu, nu mi se pare)
Thank you for supporting me & my work ^^ I work 24/7 and I am not ok with this. Also, I didn’t sign (agree with) ANYWHERE 4 this!

Prestari servicii e altceva.


Thank you for listening – Weird thing to say on a blog…


Cu cartile pe fata sau deloc.

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