Sofia So Phiii Aaa 

Wasn’t Isn’t and Will never be A Goddess.

Why make it count like so.

Deal ALL Pantheons. I know you don’t need my worship poured online to deem my respects to you. But too much time passed in vain, despite all I did, every aspect of my core being is being mistreated and considering who I am, I have no words anymore

Kindness vs Nothingness 

And the Mirror of Lies.💔

Make it right that takes no time literally no time at all I’ve been hearing your plea for too long and nothing happened. 


Nu vreau sa postez/scriu/fac in fiecare zi. M-am saturat. Astia se poarta cu mine de parca a trecut ziua si n-am facut indiferent de tot si asta doare si nu e vorba ca nu imi iese cum vreau e ceva aiurea si nimeni nu face nimic scuzele sunt etern aceleasi. 

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