Link to something I posted on Tiktok with some recent Finds.

Am fost pana in Baicului (unde am stat la sfarsitul anului trecut) si am gasit niste chestii. Thanks! Weird choice of things to find! Chose em based on personal criteria. Afraid to use the word HOPE [meanings!] ~ 1st word I saw when I opened journal: Raped. Who is sick, and of what? What is sickness, really, not what I learned. See beyond. Ma aflu in aceeasi imposibilitate idioata de a nu ma gandi la ce vreau sa ma gandesc, same reasons. […] Totul scos din context. 0 diferente. Doar rau facut ca sa continuie cacatul.. Nimic altceva. This is not how we know eachother! {,pierduti prin toate povestile,} Si +++++ Sunt intr-un punct in care NU vreau sa ii cunosc pe altii pana nu inteleg exact anumite chestii importante pentru mine.  Secretismele pulii…

OMW to healing holes.
Don’t tell him he’s pretty.
Look, I found another pee stone.
Nu inteleg… (!) Daca m-as fi spalat pe maini, tot consum ar fi, nu?
Oricum, nu era.
Inger vazut din spate (scoarta de copac)
Oh, here I saw many things… A sad face… Nice armor.
Moon reflection in puddle..
Surface of the semi frozen lake…
I don’t know why this got my attention 🙂
Pod..Lac..In parcul 23 August (Arena Nationala ~)
Red and green markings on tree
For my amusement?
Sarma ghimpata.
From lovely recent finds
First I saw an insectoid type head, then 2 figures… Then I stopped looking.
Glow in the dark baby
I can see why I chose you, Markus!

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