Dirty Granny Tails

Time to throw away your burden

to ride the broom and never

look back to your previous life

it’s time to reap the roots of past

Go fly above your weakness

the sky above is endless

look below this world is small

could not contain your godly soul

Trembling of my heart

rippling of my dream

distance takes apart

all that I have been

Lost in skies of velvet

lovelier than ever

counting on myself alone

Never break always trust your inner sense

wonders wait you on your road

look ahead miracles are everywhere

life will take you by the hand
Thanks for recommending me this song, whoever you were 🙂 I still remember your name, messenger (Ym) id, but to what avail 👀. You shocked me when you told me that thing with the T-shirt, you know, the one you throw behind the sofa.
Take good care of yerselfez.

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