A bit busy..

Weird days and I’m busy with moving back to S4..
Last sleep paralysis experience.
I saw an old woman, from the back, on the hallway here… She couldn’t hear me, or she was ignoring me. I felt I was suffocating. When I reached to grab her by the shoulder, until she turned, I “woke up” with the strange sleep paralysis state, and started saying again, in my mind: You have no power over me, you have no control over me, then I started laughing (as if a friendly being was responsible for this weird experience, and I was like: Oh, what am I even saying in here, we’re way past this stage!), my right breast (noticeably bigger than how it looks in real life) was twitching, as if: Aha, sure. So I was not afraid, more like, a prank. But I was bothered by the physical sensations. Like a thousand needles sensations running through all my muscles at the same time & the inability to move.
Something strange about waking up / combobulating the reality around me when I wake up, and the ‘noise’ which I keep hearing that it’s OH SO NECESSARY, however, I know for sure that that is not true.
So I can, so I can ~ 
Ce e acolo?
Take care.

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