What a weird day

Squeak‘s a little piggy,

That sure likes her treats.

So roam she will,

The Halloween streets.

Poisoned by candy,

Squeak met her demise.

Loaded with sugar,

Now covered in flies.

Look: Doll.
Name: Squeak
Brand name: Living Dead Dolls
I have some nice memories around this topic, including box.
Keepsakes from something that definitely broke.
I met…Lines today? Addresses? Whose body?
Some things were fun, while others were downright MEAN. Learned nothing but validated some of my past sayings. And… Felt pain… The fun wasn’t really ‘allowed’ to be fun, either. Nothing new. More pain. By who? DO I even care at this point? Not sure, but has to do with THE ONE (The WRONG one).
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Cute double set of ears ^^
Inimoasa, ha?
I was doing something else than what I saw now.
Now I saw myself spinning, dancing on some music that I don’t particularly enjoy.
Finger between buttons reversed.
Very Symbolic songs, about some Strangers.
We are all intricately poisoned in here.
*sigh* (I sighed)
Thank you for whatevering with me though. I wanted to say something like, some things really are priceless but words are not good enough when .. ….. .. ………. … …. ….. .. …. …, ……… … … . …’. know …. .. .. ….. .. .

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