I see you in so many places.
Pentru permanent si nu numai. Nostalgia feel.
Cake rack pe Iancului
Bare la Piata Sudului
Hmm… I wonder, how do you see this?
One of my fav fountains, currently not functioning, but pretty nonetheless.
Looked so much better to my eyes,
Little lights in Sector 4.
Caught the corner of my eye ~
Why is this depiction of an Angel so inspiring to me? Hmm.
Went to the Church in my ol’ Neighborhood today ~ Was a weird experience, but almost everything is weird nowadays for me when I get out of the house. Keywords were mingling, but still the main feel was: calculations (not to keep up or sustain, flower) against me and I don’t like the word against here but not sure how to explain.
Saw these and thought – No, number of, what, again?
Window view from old apartment.
Tiny bug.
(Me in the) Mirror in my old room.
OH NO! Is this a…. Oh yes, it is. I will think about that later.
Pe la Universitate.
This is very close to where I live now.
Place with loud pigeons, where I put out the thrash.
Was that a hi or a bye?
Catch ya later!
Who did I feel, what did I feel, from time to time, in all this time? Not a fan or invitation, not always interrogation, run run run, it’s not just wind in my head, but something special, disguised as “I only appear to be so but I’m not”.

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