If you don’t stop, I’ll kill you!

4 orgasms ~ Part I and Part II – 2 orgasms each ~ #GoddessAzra #whatevering:
I’m so tired of all.
Every day is a waste of everything.
What was life supposed to be?
*Nobody talks*
And if the one I want to see can’t be seen with my eyes – why TF do I have eyes for? [Me] 
30.12.20 00.39
Had 4 orgasms made 20tkns. That’s not the problem. The problem is the same as ever. A mountain of lies that looks like thrash. [in our heads]. No love. Borrowed flavors. But from who? I want to choose. I want to choose. What’s happening now, on most if not all lvls. Is so wrong. No love. No comfort. My head is not room for whatever T&C has access to because X & S or whatever. That’s not a choice. Will. Intent. Energy. So miscalculated. I want to die but death doesn’t come for me. I have literally nothing to live 4. My life is a nightmare. Surrounded by Godless.
I don’t care that they give me pain. Choice? No. Nobody 2 love. Doing nothing all daylooking at my fish is a better life than all this shit. I want to “see them dead” = never again hear from ??? Liars.
Doing that to my mind (thoughts!) is not Anal play. FFS. It’s our world. Not yours. Who made this possible? It’s schemed. Stupid too. Zero. Not making anything. I’ve outgrown those who gave me no choice. Pls don’t tell me that T so u have to continue to do this to me. Please. They T[ed] me too and at best, I was ashamed of myself. Never use that as excuse. I saw as 0. Nothing.
I know we need not wait 4 betterment. Zbang & Smth instant.
-wrong type of red as usual. Red=life not the nonsense I’m served [given without real choice].
I’m pissed because how we do things now is v unhealthy 😛
*Nobody talks*
*Nobody talks*
*Nobody talks*
Daca traiesti pentru altii, n-o sa traiesti niciodata pentru tine {Sa stii cu adevarat insemnatatea acestor cuvinte}
Daca nu traiesti pentru tine ~ nu vei fi niciodata cu mine.
Abia apoi poti invata
Sa traiesti cu
Sa traiesti prin
Si alte chestii interesante
Mie, cel putin
{Si daca ar fi sa te aleg, logic ca si tie}
Nu imi mai explica ce auzi, te rog
FMM era o injuratura in liceu
Eu sunt eu

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