First 2020 Snow

Din jurnal: 
Wow. Dear Journal, you -almost- lasted 2 months! Now I should be’ needin’ 2 be on the lookout for a new of you.
Drumuri azi, sper sa am o ses ok mai incolo, ma simt cam ciudat si la fel ca in ultimele zile. Ninge! Can’t remember last time we had snowing in nov like this, winters have been fcked up recent years. EH.
It’s colder but I feel less cold than previous days (?).
FFS se termina anul soon si eu nici macar treaba cu temperaturile n-am inteles-o ca lumea. Ieri noapte am plans si am dormit + some self care. Am avut impresia ca corpul in care m-am culcat > corpul in care m-am trezit de data asta. Oricum, imi plac / sunt ok cu ambele; doar ca… Nu am alegere. 
Cand robotii dorm… Sa… [Am visat o ciudatenie] 
Last night in bed…
Morning coffee bubbles
Fun times outside in snowy weather
Black jeans 
The Moon – hood view (the hood I’m currently in)
You’re as 
Cute as
In the mirror (old place – went there to get some last stuff I wanted to bring here)
Spinning in my old room, which is now deserted 😛
29.11. Voci goale (nu la modul kinky/love)
Be well


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