Snap Kiss!
Symbols? What is a way without a will and what is that disguised as one?
I remember the tree…
It was a night. {Last year}
A pleasant night, at least while I was there..That night… Almost night… What was it, anyway.
Friendly vibes in my ol’ hood.
Oh, I saw you like a treasure, a hidden treasure. Stream of inspiration for moments that pass by too quick…
Changing the orientation of this pic and I get woozy with all sorts of thoughts. Lovely find though ♥
Thank you for being so nice, little corner of nature in the concrete jungle I’m still confined to.
I don’t know why this particular leaf caught my attention.
I saw names of people I know under different nicknames and OH I’m still confused about that.
Hello, though.
I have a thing for this apparently abandoned thing.
Seeing beauty in the most unexpected places!
Din jurnal:
12.12.20 12:12 AM. (was random)

Bleaching my hair… Blond me… Where’s the e? :p

I’ll get used to it I guess. Hopefully soon I’ll try the green colored hair I had in mind a few years back… But I want a medium green not pastel like, we’ll see. For now I have to get used to this look. I always thought that Hey! I do not have the face of a blonde (?). Eh… Maybe I’ll learn more about the meanings of blonde other than… Locomotive :-<
No? You mad? What? Are you serious? No! I don’t accept this as answer.
Take care,

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