Ochi imi zambesc din umbra
~ A guy mentioned this place where I go to for interesting affordable book finds even before I found it. Again, makes me wonder about time, space and how certain people talk around me / what I hear.
Thank you for this wonderful Instagram combobulation.
Am privit..
Am ascultat..
Am visat ca sunt si eu asa.
In days like these, I keep thinking how the brainwash [!Education! with “] I’ve been subjected to is thicker than I know or can see. Hands…Hands…What are hands… What do they mean for… Wait, WHO are they?… I don’t want to disrespect or improperly categorize; Oh, you do not wish to be categorized, but look, how we communicate through words, here, so… Something does that to us already… What’s between my hands? What’s a pinch, cause I can make myself feel some more or less pleasant ones… Every time I chat with friendly peeps online as of late, I keep feeling how THEY KNOW SOMETHING I DON’T and at the same time we’re clueless on both sides about certain things…
A…hand…? ..H…How?
When I drew that, I thought about a sort of separation, something that has to do with M/F stuff. Not able to really kiss. (Makes me sad).
4.12. *2nd time I go to the park and ‘lose’ a feather.
Gasesc produsul cautat la produse care nu erau nici ele pe lista – Thanks!
-so weird- HA!
Fac prima supa de cand m-am mutat aici. Ma simt cam aiurea,din cauza ca… Bla bla… Ce-o sa fac mai incolo… Alte chestii imi plac. Nice book finds, again. Last night before falling asleep I was speaking (sleeping) in my mind and I felt listened [to]. Understood? I’m not sure. Today somebody without a body told me through a line in a book I was looking @ that… He (?) told me more about himself than he wanted to. ??? Hello, Mr. I’m still clueless. Tongues – Missunderstandments – The nothingness continues. {Why do I feel the ticking of the clock louder sometimes?}
Oh, hat is it? How should I interpret “the feels”? I still don’t know…Enjoy… ENJOI… OI!!!

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