Ce zi.


Somebody asked me about closeups of my pussy/ass ~ I said to myself, as I always do: I am not that kind of girl; But… Wait… HE MEANT SOMETHING ELSE. Something that could be put in words yes? No? Incomplete?

What do you mean words are mine?

How did we get to interact in this manner?

Hey! I’m putting words here, so you cant blame me for them.

Please sort out this mystery asap.

I am tired of doing things that I’m not the kind of girl for but I COMPLY over and over, as I look how my whole life crumbles to pieces. I don’t wanna do me slowly here, as prefera sa vad totul cum se naruie instant… De dragul vietii. Pe care toti o au pe buzele imaginate (nici macar pe alea nu si le pot imagine bine) ~ Dar aparent nimeni nu mai vrea sa vorbeasca despre ce inseamna cu adevarat.

E un secret


Nu avem ce face.

Sa ma repet nu imi place.

Aceleasi chestii raman valabile. Si dupa expirarea cuvintelor :-<

Seamana cu ce-am visat cand am visat locatia respectiva. 
{Am fost in vizita la fosta scoala, devastare si acolo. Luand in calcul ce am invatat anul asta, probabil era o devastare totala cand mergeam acolo zi de zi… Ce dimineti… Ce mirosuri… Ce hlizeli de ??? care nu au fost niciodata prieteni ~ Zamberte false, de dupa cortina.}
HA-HA-HA ~ Come together, alright.
Oare el ce vede?

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