I was telling this to someone earlir and thought it’s a good idea to save it here too.

By the way I don’t like when people call me baby, ok? Especially people I don’t really know 🤣


I think men that call girls baby are stupid and I don’t like stupid men. Now you know something weird about me.
So when someone addresses me as such, I kindly ask once, repeat if necessary, but after 2nd or 3rd repeat I feel weird – Even taking into consideration all the weirdness that I’m being subjected to online ‘because I am who I am’ :-< Same goes for ‘bb’, which freaks me out a bit because I keep thinking it might have a different meaning for ‘data things’ ~ 


What is Romania? 
What is ‘Cam’ for the guys that I chat with on video chat sites ~ 
(it’s smth different than what it means for me! – I see what others choose to combobulate in front of my eyes for TACTICALPLANSNWOSHITUNZERO not what those guys actually want me to see / remember them for!)
What is the Moon?
What is a dick?
OFC I know what a dick is, and I could write paragraphs about how I imagined dicks feels like, but I’m still not sure about the context in which that happened and where it actually lead to. Anyway, I am a paradoxical being. I am v sad about this though. 
I have something
That you don’t
And no matter what
You won’t
So let’s be friends and stop wasting time. No wanna be friends, ok. Bye (Even better! You might be a hermitty being like me :D)
Or whatever this shit we’re doing is properly called since time is… Let’s say Mysterious (to me!)
0,0 is a clueless face.
I put my hoodie up, I am still the same person. So what about the wardrobe?
I never wasted time. In my own cluelessness, I was just drifting away and calculating the no option route ~ What it looks like from the outside differs based on …Oh wait you know that already, phew!


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