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I was playing a game today on my phone and I saw it had a feature to record footage, ok,

Fooled around for a bit, here is the result: Playing Deep Town

Making a list of all the games I have on my phone right now, not sure why, maybe to check it after a while and giggle. I like trying out new games with various art styles. I don’t play them to ‘kill time’ or because I’m bored, something indescribable perhaps. I always had an interesting relationship with games and never really understood why. 

One of the things I’m grateful for this year, that is slowly approaching it’s end (LOL), was how I felt I was interacting differently with some things in the games I play(ed), even if, that didn’t really lead anywhere, it was something more than just enjoyment for me. Not sure why. If all this was just for…masturbation/keywords suggestions, then… *sigh*… Only strengthening what I kept on saying for the past… Umm… Well… PAST? :O 

Iron Saga 

Cut the Rope

I Love Hue

I Love Hue Too

Final Fantasy Record Keeper

Merge Dragons!

A Girl Adrift

Bistro Heroes



Om Nom: Merge

Starry Garden

Alphabear 2

Bushido Bear


Monster Chef


My Music Tower

Kawaii Kitchen


Monkey Roll

Sailor Cats


Fluffy! Cute Character Lunchbox

Dessert Shop ROSE Bakery

animal restaurant

Mama Hawk

Deep Town




Much love,


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