What’s the price of words?

Lights that flicker and lights that seem to flicker, or…Is it so? Hmmm.. THere’s something about Lines and Lights that I didn’t understand enough of yet.
Petko’s paw!
Strategically placed cat hairs ~ What could that possibly mean? ^^
Photograph of a bling thing from an item I saw in the mall..
Never tried this before, seems good!
WOn’t you look at that. Maia ballerina can sing AND dance and she entices us to watch her how she raises her leg and spins ( *thinking face*)
I almost cried.
Pretty looking fish.
Some more fish @ the pet store.
Ce mi-a placut intr-un mod ciudat… L-am intrebat pe un tip in Animax, de ce tin pestii Betta asa [in pahar, separati]. He said, with a weird but interesting vibe… Pt ca sunt solitari, sunt agresivi daca sunt mai multi si sunt violenti si fata de sine… OK……… What’s behind the words? What’s the price of words? What is money…really? :-< I still don’t know.
Sf. Parascheva, ASA.
I really liked some details in this embroidery ~ Gold thread.
Now.. I wonder what that thing he’s holding is/signifies. I don’t wanna tell you what I thought that was.
Ok I tell you though I’m a bit ashamed. I thought it’s a back massage thing, but it looks a lil big for his body.
As the light hits St’s George face in this representation, it appears as if he is wearing glasses. I really like this art.
This one too ( From Un Numar de Poeme, de Mircea Stefanescu.
Still a bit clueless about the old man though.
Tits. (Sorry!)
What does St. Pantelimon really think here? I like this expression, and the way my hand holding the phone looks like reflected in the glass covering the icon.
Sparrows eating bread.
An eye. MINE!
Man silhouette on mini cake. :O
Bug in candy. More candy bugs after I took this pic, that was funny! (I stepped on a piece of candy and then ate it)
Radio Tower, decor, Sun Plaza Mall Bucharest (My hometown)
More for another day 😉

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