They’re trying to put somebody else’s dreams into MY head. I’m totally not into that. I disapprove. But I can’t stop, cause apparently what happens in my own head is not my choice. No, I do not want to fuck my ex, for no reason, WTF, after so much time and struggle, you come up with THIS? And the ‘thoughts’ I’ve heard in regards to this, so disrespectful to so many different things! To prove what? Insane. I really want to take a break, away from everything. Sick and tired of all the nonsenses that I CAN’T STOP HEARING. I ll move out and I really need some days ‘off’ to figure out everything trying to find a way to DELETE idiots from my head ~ You can’t call my Mercy all the time and give Pain if no answer. Nobody ever had REAL mercy for me. But then again, I always found my way. However, as of late, past day and a half or so, despite the fact that YES I DID IT AGAIN even IF I DREADED TO I DID NOT WANT TO ETC… No…. All… Wrong… As I’ve been saying… I haven’t really learned anything… I feel raped pretty much 24/7 at this point. Raped is an ugly word, but that’s how I feel. Used all my life, for ‘their links’… Well, I can’t see life like this, honestly, sorry! Because it’s not! I am not a car and I do not want to become one. Or teach others about better this vs better that. I want to die.

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