From a new place?

I can’t look at those words the same way and it hurts so much it hurts so much it hurts so much, I could but with for who hhhhh? But ”      ” is in the hhhhh so hhhhhow do I get out what is out what is parked if there are no cars because everthing melts away?!
I wish I had a choice. A real one.
After all this time..

I’m nt happy that we talk this way

Quite the contrary
Because ppl talk around me, I talk to myself or to them  but
fuck the t or any excuse just fuck it wtf
I am way too sad, really… Worse than heartbroken becaue in my story, when you’re heartbroken at least you have whole friends to help you go through. In the world I currently live in, friends are just to dine on. I know this sounds f weird.
Today I masturbated and recorded 1st time in ‘new location’ ~ Some <these days happenings> left me profoundly disgusted and I genuinely think there’s smth (hidden) about short term memory accessing in ‘gameplay’ or whatever the fuck the sports fields for big boys are where we get truly no choice. ( If not even I get a choice, and I’m important like that, because THEY wouldn’t “exist” without ME, maybe there are many others who have no choice for real too, and those that do, how can we possibly know for real, considering how twisty bendy data is and I’ve seen it pass under my nose as if it’s nothing hey hey it’s perfectly OK we’re from the future but there WAS NO PAST so this means we’re……….. ~riddle).
Must watch!
Crystal of power in Transformers 1984
Me n Maya
I’ve been told so many lies about myself and [insert_whatever_here] ~ HOW can I accept new or different information as Truths To learn the truth, To know Myself. (?) ~ I sense world spinning by or around same lies or things that have something to do with that so… Nobody truly asks me what doI want? What do I think? I’m instanlt disabled when I KNOW I CAN HIT THE RIGHT NOTE in communication with ‘someone’ or whatever that is, btw, sooooooo disrespectful so many things that ….. I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT tttt as excuse means, the involved awareness, and the limitation that Cometh(?) with how we communicate ~ Infrastructure? What? All I see is excuses and plans in ‘HD’ which are never ‘close enough ~ 2 See!
THEY IMAGINED WORLDS USING ME and God knows how many others like me with ‘powers’ to do smth that I don’t even know yet what I’m capable of and WTF it’s ABC Helllooooooooooooooooooooooooo
I know..
The song from Placebo.
I don’t love the sin but not the sinner.
You just didn’t hear me right.
Pls, get your shit together.
I’d rather think about something real than suicide.
As real as we want and need what do we want and need anyway and since when even g is an excuseno offence this is not part of my tool set for learning because for a very long time I’ve been telling you thet ..
I don’t wanna go there.
Lemme love you!

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