Nu e apa calda / caldura =))
Mai devreme am facut o baie rece semi calaie pentru ca am pus si niste apa fiarta, maine daca nu se remediaza situatia trec la metoda turnat cu ibricul in loc de dus.
Ca pe timpuri 🙂
Died my hair expecting a dark dirty pinkish blonde. Shade name: Cool Rose, from Schwarzkopf. (My natural hair color is dark blonde, and I have some whites).
And the result… I like it. There were times when I wanted to achieve this exact shade before, but kept on getting darker reds instead (I was a redhead for many years before).
Found this on the ground while I was walking on the street… Zoom 8x & I see these lil squares, wondering about them…
Bye 4 now…
PS: Care-i treaba cu norii? Up in the clouds ~ ~ ~ Waves of thoughts. I don’t really understand now, and I got some pings lately about that. I recall pictures and… other dream parts.


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