Almost done with moving

22.11.2020 or 22/11/2020 or 11/22/20 or … even 22-11-2020 (I think this is how I learned to write date in school) ~ Apparently it matters/ holds a signifiance, but HOW? Not that I find it insignificant, for some reason I’ve been taught / apprended* all these mean one thing only. (:()

*Fr. apprendre – verb [ transitive ] /apʀɑ̃dʀ/

acquérir un savoir = to learn

acquérir – verb [ transitive ] /akeʀiʀ/

acheter un bien = to buy, to acquire


En. apprehend [ ap-ri-hend ] verb (used with object)

to take into custody; arrest by legal warrant or authority:

to grasp the meaning of; understand, especially intuitively; perceive.

to expect with anxiety, suspicion, or fear; anticipate:

verb (used without object)

to understand.

to be apprehensive, suspicious, or fearful; fear.


Address of mind things what?


cu televizorul: [I don’t want to talk to you!] ~ Then why do you do? / ?

Snnt parcata, ingradita, in cusca (?)


Me & Petko.
Long story, but hey! Happy to have this again ~
Pic taken 21/11/2020


Also, what’s the meaning of yellow (color). Been wondering for the past few days, no concludent hint yet. Hmm. [Phone screen lighted up] ??? Feather fell on the floor. Been staring at Maya a lot today. Bye 4 now! :p
T.V. behaves weird ~ I wonder why / who tries to send signals this way
What could it be? What about the bear? Bear, bear, mor mor mor… Polar or Carpathian? (lol) To bear, bearings… But… Smth else… Smth got lost (4 me as of current aware processing…things)
But…What? Scary but not scared. CBA about “popular” representations – BUT why are we bothering eachother? Bothering is a bad word, but ??? Why now like this, until…how?
From a book: Wrong reproduction of…
A cloud with a ? inside. and a trail of what looks like footsteps in the snow…

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