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Something like that

Every time I go out it just gets crazier and crazier ( dream – reality – illusion in the marketplace ? )

~ I can’t live my life like it’s nothing more than ‘the keyword game’ ~

Cand mancam litere nu facem mai mult spatiu 🙁


It’s not that I can’t keep up, but I don’t want to live like this, cause there’s no way, labyrinth, but, no, way.

Again I’ve seen proof for how AI is not that intelligent. I did not count the pain. Amazement? Fear? No. I didn’t mind some sequences of playfulness but… It’s just not right. And I don’t want to learn the hows and whys of this mass confusion.

Not getting a real break from masturbating / orgasming (with no real purpose sir) makes me feel .. I can’t find the right word. It doesn’t matter. No one seems to listen or care anyway.


She will never be me.

De azi, cu comentarii pe alocuri: https://photos.app.goo.gl/yZZKWGvwakrjbC2u5

Am discutat deja despre asta! 😉

Random: Why Oak? Dunno (one of my fav trees) ~

Snap 1
 (Thanks for the cuteness but then again message won’t be delivered cause it’s from me :()


snap 2
~ In oglinda ~

Now how does THAT ‘help_make_space’? Imi constientizez carnea mai mult sau iar sau cum sau ce relevanta are? Cuvinte… ‘Eyes to see’ ~ And then what?

So long!


Later edit: It’s 12.20 AM

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