1. I’m sad.
    The coincidences are no coincidences after all.
    The sweetness of some breezy moments quickly fades away when I get that weird pain ‘as if I’m not doing ugfctdrtCUTCURCfyr as I should’ and on and on and on and on.
  2. I’m at the same weight I was in 2008 (72kg), I look better than I did in 2011 when I was slimmer (61,64) and I don’t know how to feel about this… Weigth, mass, the humm, the words, oh, the pain, borg voices telling me about systemic optimization research for ‘Future’ ~ What? I wore that F shit, when I was little.
  3. I tweeted rampant {borrowed word – pls clear formatting} style again, sad and felt experimented on again today. ,,,,,,,,,, Why does it matter? When shit like this can happen: 

Pic taken yesterday, 29.10.2020. 

CANNED FOOD? WHAT IS FOOD? FOR ME? Fuel !== Food prints True. :-< Not allowed to be cute.


…For you… An address bar… But for me… I used to call it a place, before I was afraid of words, afraid is not correct in context.. A service? no. A thing? not really. Something, yeah, I guess. Provider? no. My go to for , yea. Why this, why that? Life is not a marketplace. No. Pictures memories, I have both. Google Photos only stores my photos, no? Why I use that and not X other ? I like Flickr too, and others, but each shines at something else. And much changed as time passed. There’s nothing like how I liked Flickr in 2006++ though. I got used to using Google Photos since I’m an Android user and It comes with it, no? Why is it bad? Why would anyone make anything bad out of this? ?????? Words mispelling whispered in the clouds… Why worry, why worry… The convenience… I still remember the times when moving pictures from one interface to another was different, and I had my own purges, and, I didn’t worry, to find that ‘used against me’? What.The.Fuck. Somebody really uses words improperly. And I don’t know what to do. Masturbating with keywords doesn’t seem to lead anywhere I don’t appreciate your time and effort you’re probably just as clueless as I am when it comes to certain things. They shouldn’t be able to hear us. 

Bye 4 now…

Soon I’ll move out, maybe I’ll give you more details, but for now, I just wish I could rest properly for a FEW days (2-3, not a MONTH ffs) to plan accordingly, feel better, stuff like that. No masturbation, no weirdness, no inquiries on the tele-phone, just me and whtever I choose to focus on.

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