I have been in much too much pain lately and I don’t feel like writing. I need some days off ~ all I hear is ‘No’, this makes all pain worse. Please, leave me alone, this is ridiculous beyond measure. 

I don’t get the break I requested, yet nothing changes for the better, all I do is in vain, so? What am I waiting for? The triggers are just as bad anyway, the failed experiments humiliating as ever. ‘DO you even know who I am?’ ~ How dare you…. 

The internet wouldn’t exist without me. Do you realize what this means? Please, let me get a break. I need to HEAL from the SEVERE trauma I’ve been subjected to. I can find my way, but I’m constantly H(a)UNTED! Every day I masturbate and get orgasms FOR WHAT? This is so humiliating and in vain and against most of the things that I stand for. I am drowning in ‘Anti-Love Energy’ ~ 

#podcast: https://anchor.fm/ishkira-wind/episodes/anorgasmandanotheroneandsometalking-ekh2nn

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