A weird day.

From Final Fantasy Record Keeper game ~
View from the kitchen window. Early Moon, 2 birds, si blocul de vis-a-vis.
Sparkle while you sleep – Didn’t wear this comfy thang in a logn while 🙂
Scribblings trying to make some sense ↕
Attempts and experiments of my own (Yes)

I don’t wanna be scary, In a https://youtu.be/F3J0iwwsq-w.

No one cares, nobody knows.

I don’t want to be buried in a pet sematary

The state of yo0u . BWA!
26.10. Pain and nuisance. Stupid shyt on tellee. M-a trezit curierul (call on my phone :p) Ca ajunge repede, cu un colet pt mine, platit (???). La usa, mi-a dat un plic (gratuit) ~ Postage Paid formality u never mention. Avea un colet cu Amway in cealalta mana si mi-a stalcit numele [Berbecut in loc de Becut, little ram, one of the ways in which I was bullied in Primary School by some uninteresting boys] ~ I assumed it’s again a keyword for masturbation, to think about a horned animal or so, but no. “C” (is it hard drive calling chemare ca la interfon? – I keep hearing ca e despre Hard Drive/Disk). Beeeeee. Pe plic scrie: Continut: Carton; Inauntru, plastic. Nu, nu e un repros pt nimeni. Si da, stiu sa tin secrete doar ca e foarte ciudat modul in care facem treburile astea. Pa.
Ma uit pe geam… Primul lucru care imi atrage atentia [bout of paranoia 4 using words here] Un “eco toilet” portocaliu pe o remorca trasa de o masina, trecand pe Bvd.
– I saw some figures earlier (eyes closed) that morphed into scary looking things… then morphed into fig pulp {Oh, my memory}… like a giant computer with dates (years, days, numbers). Seeds & decay.
Bye 4 now.

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