Woke up today, hints: Muse New Day; New version, Made in Germany (?)


Nothing new.

Around me, only lies.


Despite the

reasons (which aren’t even

real reasons) 4 noise

vary; result is


the same.

Same shit.

I’m not willing to participate in same thing with the same thing & to that over there who invoked “T”; know that ALL MY LIFE I wasn’t allowed to be “in tune” ~ key moments (with)… Manipulated signals (output)… Against my will. Soul stuff. Not chemistry. ♥. Also. I don’t want to talk to u we both so much better silent to eachother. Last winter was a dream. Blue Octopus sticker found on the ground in the playground nearby.

Beautiful  art ~ Celestial Tarot deck

It’s always been this way ~

I’m not feeling good. But at the same time, I am…
No, it’s not enough. But at the same time, it’s not necessary.
~ Every day when it’s (somehow) expected of me to masturbate and have orgasms is not a day when I can live and actually do the right thing. {No way}
The pain is insane, too many things topped on top of eachother and they didn’t even begin belong in the same container to begin with.
Oh, how I need healing from what this past year brought upon me, upon us all but in a weird dialectic manner, not what’s on tabloids. 🙁
I don’t ike masturbating thinking about anything. I access modules and programming to do it faster or slower depending on things that honestly! don’t really matter.
Why I don’t just do it watching sexy pics or porn this way stimulating “” programming enflowering and TRYING TO DO DO DO DO in a different manner?
I already did! I remember! Deadend upon deadend and glorificatio of INHABITANTIONS and not of the Sun.
United Nations hoaxes. 
Death whispered. The pale girl (me) did not feel a thing. She watched them press buttons mindlessly altering their coordinates to hopefully hit a different note and catch the recording so they can send more food from the Empire of lies… I remember every time we . in the X before… Me and death… Death and me… Innocently just being myself, trying to enjoy each of those days as I could… Until today… Today… Was different. Deluded / found.
“Bent corners”
Why today different, you may ask? Well, today, I woke up in conversation (a communication that I have no way to opt out from, because of Artificial Intelligence ~ makes me very sad  no blame game just the truth) … Expected of me to masturbate thinking about… I have a small mental list already…
That’s why
Swimming in lies I was as well in the past.
Not neglecting
Being tested on yes. Always.
I remember the hatman.
The ‘glitches’
And many other things.
Makes no difference whatsoever.
*stamps dirty fingerprint here – index finger, right hand*
It’s not bloody, It’s RAINBOW!

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