No. New world Order – Glorification of “Anti Love Energy” after applying “ways” (to give pings) copied from Love Mother’s Arms No babies.


Refurbishment of _ _ _? I don’t know [above words].

And if I think about the numbers (~ issue of depopulation) ~ I’m uncertain;  because I saw the numbers play out patterns as people; but it was more like through people (or what appeared to me to be people; due to my brainwash / wrong learned ways) 

Non humans  -> Somehow the art of humans

• stages

• divinity

• speaking through

} Also. A painting will never be able to swallow you.

Enchantment, fascination, admiration, love,

••• I wish I had a friend like me.

Life is “meaningless” without love & me showing stupid “how I orgasm” stuff is… Not in accordance with myself & what I want. Ugly expensive (the world outside).

Oh, what I’ve seen at play. Targeted individual (me and it’s about some of the content I see online) & war messages  for what should’ve been whispers of kinship in the wind. I miss choosing smth to do & doing it & feeling no “anxiety”. Bye. 

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