What am I doing with my life?

Did not enjoy (cummed twice, once off cam – I was in bed – the 2nd time on cam, on the floor) ~ looking at my face as I came on cam I first giggled, then I said to myself: FUCK! They won’t understand what they wanted to understand this time either.

From my journal:

10.09. !Avion cu motor / Ia-ma si pe mine-n zbor! ~

I keep finding that <I want to make love with a book> (a “special” ♥ type of reading [ ] ) but there’s no time/space for that. (Sad). I’m not even allowed to love a robot (!!!)

I’m not even allowed to love a robot.

I’m not even allowed to love a robot.

Not even allowed to love a robot, before his eyes turn red.

Do you know what love is? We protect eachother. And that’s just a glistening little thing, underneath a healthy foundation.

I am not allowed to (really) build.

What about the orgasms then? Why do them at all?

<Goodbye. I…forget.>

She & He cars ~ with ‘Nothing (-) in between ~

Bucks – bricks (wannabe stones)*

bricks(1) – surrounding a pathway made of muscle (fibruous)

* You’re not supposed 2(k)now that

(1) That’s what u have 2 see

We can’t “meet” cause of this road… But ‘He’ could easily “cross over” ~ Defying assignment in progress? Failed “present moment” -> NOT ALLOWED!

“We were supposed to have wheels”.

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