too sad

I’m too sad to write, to sad to draw, to sad to clean, too sad to open my eyes, too sad to do anything ~ No, I don’t need meds, I need me, no d’s, ds’s or another D… I’ll go on about my day, do the routine of the same thing with the same thing because ~ orgasm always reached the same way, and (after all this time) I still don;t know why ppl want to see that in my mind. -_-

Regardless of the choice of words sounds or vibes, I keep on’ sayin, we are Wrongly interlaced in here, and no matter how ‘you’ turn it, it’s always the same, same shit old pain. So… Take care. I know I can’t (not allowed ~ fake paper storefronts restricting access from me doing the fucking Right thing(s) for myself ~ so u can see too). For the Millionth time, No, I do not see life, or ‘this’ as a game, so I am not Willing to participate, under no circumstance.

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