tell me where he is

26.09 What words to select for Pile of poop? Monsters, monsters,everywhere ~ I don’t know how you see them <as if they have a form, they “spook” you, but they don’t have a form, so…>

How is it when caught in (?) Are we being experimented upon, or do we Play (with) experiments of our own.

~ OFF •

~ Building immunity towards weird shit (bad things)…On…the…long…run…No…Horizon…

The buttons…Make them stuck, from underneath…Unpressable…Melt…Wake up… Again… Spook… I’ll read… some more… do this… and that…

My name Be cut wit a , os (?) .

Fuck ~

muscle eyebrow.

Take a shit, rinse, repeat… What?

from today ~
My eyes.
From my “wedding” day ~ 2.08.18. No, it was not a real wedding, not even to the criteria I had archived at that time. We just ‘tried to make it work’. Haunted since Birth [Liar’s Choice].
Yes I remember many details. Irrelevant. I still can’t sleep on the idea that I had 50+ versions of ‘guy’ into my Ex.

25.09 Words don’t want to say anything. I don’t want to feel anything. Do anything. The bad dreamers keep on bad dreaming & I can’t catch a breath. I talked enough about the weird lights already. They hurt my eyes if I look at them (I feel they are improperly used~). Then, again I remember the other, more pleasant to the eyes lights… SO? I can’t think > or <. It would be unfair (?) incorrect, considering these are both part of a bigger thing, bad dream. <Made to make sense in words> modus vs mundus thing. Within these words…






to walk on it’s own. see… learn… aquire…

the man with wool hat & moustache became plastic, reflective, mirroring but… “Not valid unless signed” I never took that seriously, since I touhed the first one, in 2008(e) 2007!

Hints about ‘the double’ copy shit world what? *sigh*

Videos with orgasms and whateverings, in this playlist:

Talk to you later. Thanks for the tip with ?p=720 I still don’t really know what it means except that it’s part of a narrative with layers stories of it’s own and a Wrong One somewhere choosing for others, which ofc, I do not agree with.

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