Stop talking in my head!

After last Orgasm, video here, I felt like screaming: Stop talking in my head.

~ “But that’s how to get access to […]”

dar mai ales algoritmii de conducere, algoritmii adaptivi si elementele de inteligenta artificiala sint(sunt) susceptibile de perfectionari spectaculoase care sa ofere solutii de integrare intr-o masura si mai mare a robotului in mediul industrial sau al vietii sociale – Ceea ce este nou in lumea robotilor este tipul, marimea si acuratetea senzorilor, precum si “abilitatea” de a calcula (rezolva) ecuatii de miscare complexe, intr-un timp foarte scurt (timp real), pentru a determina exact semnalele operationale pentru robot. ~ din cartea Interferente in lumea calculatoarelor (M. Gorodcov, M. Oncescu) Stiinta pentru toti 313 Ed. Stiintifica si enciclopedica, Bucuresti 1989.


Fascinated by this type of dream, hard to deal with reality constantly having to remind myself that IT IS, in fact, dream, nightmare, or spare parts. What I can’t see, what I ‘keep hidden’ is more or less still the same, for reasons, even though I learned more about some pathways as of late ~ WHAT REALITY?! How (!) Do I do the (!) To WAKE UP?! I don’t like to use codenames, I think it restricts and influences badly what could (&should) be good, authentic communication. < The struggle of not knowing what to do with certain Embeds ~ I hear ya ~ ‘I give up’ – Is that an Option? > No. ..

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I’m wasting Time on nonsense while the reality around me goes on the same ~ What SEEMS different, I see that as flickers, or numbers moving from A place without a place, to another place without a place, In the Town where there was NO Space, But shit has to be done because UberCREATIONZ {another lie, IT’S JUST A FUCKING Dream, Dr.} ~ Did I enjoy my ignorant mind more (when I seemed more ignorant due to lack of operational input about the ‘world around me’) NO. I was (and still am, Parked (:P). The difference is that now my Body hurts a lot! [I hear: ‘Can’t afford’ to show how nature works ~ health, self healing, rejuvenation, stuff like that ~ Click Clack there’s no time, and I mean real nature, not Dirtied faked out church Mary EMpress worshipped misunderstood MOMMY situational sweetie ~ The ‘SHE’ that will Never be Me – artificial intelligence shit – Zero. ]] On a daily basis based on what I do/don’t do ~ This is not me complaining, Just pointing out. ALWAYS worse when I ‘need to’ get my period. REGARDLESS of what I do. [ I am not willing to participate in any sort of NWO scenarios, my last 2 jobs proved me all I still needed to see about the Sickness of it all & How I wasn’t wrong before either , for ‘not really wanting a job’, ever). I understand more & more from my past memories, but I see those things as, Optional information, considering I’m still stuck in this LIE that I DON’T want to FEED or SEE fed (anymore). Every time I get out of the house Something is milked, misplaced, mocking. Yes, I do still love a vast array of ‘things’ and yes I am very grateful for certain ‘connections’ & opportunities but, how I see the ‘Situation’ changing ( I wanted to say EVolving ~ but that would be feeding the Lie Wachine) it’s weirder and weirder, and, wrong. No.

Journal thoughts:

16 September 2020: Woke up “with” pain, again. Same old discrepancies. Still not feeling good because of… Heck! I already told you about it. Tho, I still hold firmly. Adapting is a word that seems that it lost it’s meaning in this mad cavalcade of pornication. I don’t want to be “Here”. Productivity -> Profanity. I don’t want to “produce” anyth in this World [copy]. Ass? As soon as something “starts” making sense, again and again, we’re not allowed to “Be”/interact in a good way (-).

17. I feel as if I’m in an airplane that doesn’t fly properly (?). My (s)kin feels cold, am I dying? Why does every day lately feel like an infernal rush? “Burning hot” pain earlier – top of spine & below – between shoulderblades. The why’s… The HOW seems silly, in this “context”.




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