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When I started doing the video chat thing, back in 2008, I slowly built what I tried to define as, ‘my own approach’ to it. I find myself now, as my present sings 2020, in a tangle of information and thoughts, conflicting, contradicting, apparently still unresolved. I never had these issues. The interference is something else, outside of mySELF. Thinking back connecting dots (heck, connecting dots is NEVER enough, as the layers of lies unfold before my eyes… Ctrl+V is hell for some of us 😉 ~ ).

Short thing short, I would SHOW ALL, but not for ALL to see, because, it’s not meant to be that way, no proof for default? Maybe… Trust. No, not possible. Well, you’ve been lied to. Me too. So? Bumping up on old debris certainly won’t get us far even if it looks good on ‘paper’ (calculations). No, they haven’t figured it all out, and we’re not on the good way of achieving that now. Something built upon a WRONG foundation is and will ”always” be WRONG, so let it crumble down, rinse, repeat (?) Ha ~ If nothing up till this point didn’t make you realeyez how this shit is just a meat grinding hell machinery, what are you even doing here?

Want more details? No. Thanks!

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