no no no no

14.09. Bred to be used ~ dunnowhy I got this idea after I masturbted earlier ~ After thinking that: “I’m pissed ~ I can’t EVEN THINK IN MY OWN HEAD ~” – Took myself for a spin earlier. A dismembered tail. Right after I orgasmed I felt a weird (in a good way) sensation at the top of my spine. WHat could that be? Felt that some other times too, but I still don’t know what it is. […] Me in my head…It’s smth so… Personal. | Caught in a web of lies…


The fact that IT IS an illusion; And “they” know…Yet choose as they do… Leaves me… Speechless…

Come watch the stars with me


I found that watch and figured out that Hey, it’s still functional, right after I read something in 1984 book with the same…names… “Victory”.. But, For who? >>><<< My name Laura ~ Laurels ~ ‘something’ for the Victor ~ Ha!

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