Necromancer whois


 25. Necromancer whois

(lies, illusion!), Keywords abunda & me being cornered against my will. So sick of the lies… And their crumbs. Pardon poor self expression through words but… I’ve seen some things that I rather “process” under different circumstances ( I earned them ~ still not granted -> same reasons as all bad ~ Anti Love Energy vs. Enlightenment ♥)

++ All mental thrash due to what passed through in front of my eyes. Calculations made by baddies, to make me look bad regardless of what I do. Coins thrown on the ground; instead of hugs. I’m not a beggar.

• Heard sound from Aurolaci, I remember how some sounds they made sounded like, like a song, but very strange sounding. Wondered what that has to do with any programming (through my ears); got an idea that that was part of <Deleted scenes>. WTF? Regardless of all the online “craze” (mockery & all) my worst thing to deal with is immediate (combobulated) reality & how “it” works against me, mind [v], body[v] & soul[x]. Precipitatio ~ bad “Alchemy”, not following through with what’s Good. Past year (summer 19-20) spins inside my head like the most painful torture device;

27. We’re all just prisoners here; of […] Device ~


In vain, in vain, in vain, in vain…

Until now = in vain

Or, the “rulers” are very, very dumb ppl. I see them as ghastly puppets though… Immune to their shit, unlike the ones that combobulate my “realitee”. 💧 Here’s a tear.

29.08. I don’t have anything to write now. The only reason why I’m writing is because if I don’t, it’s “bad”, somehow. How stupid. I’m so sad. I’d never do things like this if I had a choice. Only stoopid everywhere. Very few exceptions that I still don’t get how it can be Hierarchycized like so.

30.08 Writing Writing Writing Writing Writing Writing Writing Writing Writing Writing  Writing Writing Writing Writing Writing & Writing some more.

Genuine inquiry. What is the meaing of a hat?! first saw em @ grandparents (?) in this life.

31.08 [nightmare] A future of “fake immortality” where you aren’t even allowed to die. You’re <<kept alive>> to serve, not to live. For that wouldn’t be called life under no authentic jurisdiction (???) Whaaat? Yesterday when I was out I experienced first hand a weird type of “harvesting” ~ So “the world” around me would still seem borderline “normal”, Passable; so that the reporters (hired; trained wrong ways) wouldn’t really notice. {Or when they notice, they ‘forget’ when it’s ‘necessary’}. Signals causing noise in my head; the “stress” (stress is not the right word though? I don’t know the correct word) I emit in exchange is gathered / used as fuel (BAD!) for the combobulatory process. Absolutely disgusting. To look into my mother’s eyes… And see… [Because I’m T.I.] There’s not much there but #keywords… Is devastating. I can’t allow myself to fully feel that! Shits “copy” from Me and use against others (us all) over and over again… Darker? More sinister? There are not good words for such atrocious decisions. (PPL! Wake up! It’s somebodies CHOICES). How can they lie like this… As if there’s nothing good left in them. Multiple nuisances on all levels I dwell in. My “unbreakableness” mirrored Wrong & used 4 BAD! I can’t live with this idea… Infestating… Everyth I take in (air, water, food, media). I observe all these in the Now (socialengineered Future?) HOW? How is this degree of wrongness allowed? Money is NOT the answer. Humans vs nonHumans Parable doesn’t fit the gaps either? Evil? I don’t believe in it!  Never will ~ it’s Brainwash. It’s not REAL; it can’t be MADE real ~ it’s not an ambition; it’s against the rules of Life (not bendable, fuckers!) • IT HE SHE what? ~ If you don’t have it; you don’t have it; Periodt. •

Stupidity that apparently knows no bounds. And here I am ~ I have to masturbate / orgasm again and again… To show what? To prove what? When will i be allowed to “be” on <My> Level? Or to have a choice ~ not to be used anymore for this charade. Look @ all they did with what was Illegally taken from me… All these years… So much fake. There’s no side to choose. They’re all wrong if they agreed 2 This! No “lesser evil” stratagem should be permitted either. (-THE Goddess-)



Pilde despre mecanismul uitarii… Sau cum “Ce sa faci cand idiotii se joaca urat de-ti auzi propria voce in capul TAU spunand chestii alegorico~alfanumerizidiceproaste”. Asta doar asa, pentru ca esti bun ( ai ceva ce nu se poate lua ~ ) Si astea-s doar cuvinte. Cand cuvintele dor,cine mai plange? Cand cuvintele plang, te doare? Solutie? Incercate zeci si mii, ca doar altfel nu am fi “ajuns” “aici” ~ Un nicaieri ….(no words for it)

Noroc ca nu dureaza mult ♥♥

Testele pulii.

• Voci de fantome care “scriu” (nu stiu ce naiba e dar nu il identific ca si scris) cum sa foloseasca timpul ca arma (?) WTF.



Links to most of my stuff online here: ~ Yes for the nth Time, I am one and the same person across all those profiles/accounts. I’m still drowsy from trying to figure out HOW can someone be Smart & not Know that already.


Be well. 🌺💗💋

Thankyou for reading ~


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