I would like to know…

^ 2 orgasms, achieved in the same way.

Please read: http://www.goddessazra.com/2020/08/wrong/ but if you follow me around you probably know by now my stance on all these matters. (Masturbation / Orgasming)

and another video:

Another orgasm, achieved in the same way ~

I would like to know why I have to do this again and again, I feel I harm myself (abuse my own mind) in the process of having to apply same ol’ BAD programming. Add the piles of other abuse constantly sent my way and make the calculations for yourself. ~ I am still a coherent being after all this, even if we might understand different things from these words. I proved myself over and over again and this is BAD, because it’s just feeding a very Toxic mechanism. I did it to help others see & hopefully (be allowed to) heal myself, but it’s constantly getting worse and worse. I AM unbreakable (the noise in my head is not mine!), and nothing in this world can take that away from me. Even if I have no real choice… Do you know how much all this hurts? All the pretty places you’ve seen ‘through’ my eyes, or read ‘on’ my <body>… Stay there forever ~ I hear a ghost singing ~ I think we have much more to ‘visit’, discover, understand, explore, rejoyce in, than these refurbishments of Past programming. I say this again, I do not like/enjoy having orgasms.

Take care!

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