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Nu stiu de ce am simtit sa pun acel titlu, insa da…

21.08. Ce bataie de joc…No offense (ca deja a inceput sa ma doara capul) dar… Nu. [Vis-a-vis de toata situatia curenta cu “my family”] NO NO NO NO NO.

– So… The Sun and the Moon are like… Accounts?

– No, they are veggies.

(?) Lol

IT happens through Control. ( about how they’ve/are been able to read parameters (physiological) from a distance.

->Reconfigurare past future {Poor Time, *sigh*} 

Wrote about this in the previous article as well ~

(Spiritual?) [No] Transhuman ~ first heard hints abt this from Albert Ignatenko (Sa fi un fenomen, sau ceva de genul) -_- Bad teachings that look (illusion!) good.

Pretty lights {Tell me lies,tell me sweet little lies)

22. I just don’t want to masturbate anymore. Every “session” traumatizes me.

Layers of trauma. NOT a Staircase, Hippies!

I haven’t been wrong… Once… Since starting this “journey”. MLT ~ Multiple level trickery. How disturbingly and disgustingly SAD. “L e a r n” ~ Ha ~

What a joke.

Heard some guys trying to imply that they don’t have enough “data” yet (through / for analysis). That’s Wrong & who taught them so is wrong as well.


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